Wow! Let’s talk about ping

Wow, just wow :open_mouth: Please consider your fellow players and if you ping is 4 digits either;
A) burn your Xbox
B) contact your isp

Don’t make your fellow players suffer

How does this even happen?

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Someone on another thread said they had a friend with crazy high ping like that and it was because he was playing on a laptop while on an airplane. I don’t know if I’d ever get bored enough to torture myself like that, no matter how long the flight.



This game runs poorly for me if I have a 19ms ping and someone is above 80ms. That four digit ping is ridiculous, lol.

I find 50ms for myself is the sweet spot. Anything lower becomes unbearable if even one player is above 80ms. No idea why.


I swear some ppl are using their phone as a hotspot to play.

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My ping is usually 40-50 but sometimes depending on.The lobby it will spike to 100-110 and it’s weird because I have fairly good wifi

WiFi is WiFi.

There will always be that chance of packets dropping on WiFi.


Holy monkey balls, Never seen ping that high b4

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3,504 huh? Well played, amigo. :cactus:

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My experience as well. I had 19ms ping. On opposing team they had
and the remaining 2 players were around 50ms.

This combination of pings gave me as bad a match I’ve ever seen in terms of

  • people shooting me when I’m behind them
  • getting gibbed well outside of 1-shot gib range
  • me landing a beautiful gnasher shot only to inflict 20% damage
  • my gnasher shots not registering at all
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I had this last night as well. It’s a common occurrence.

When I have a 19ms or below ping there is always someone above 80ms which breaks the game for me. I don’t understand why because this didn’t happen in Gears 4 unless the 80ms was spiking rather than stable. When I’m above 50ms and we’re on my friends servers the enemies tend to be below 19ms. But I’m at that sweet spot where I’m actually not negatively affecting them but I’m experiencing delays due to a slightly higher ping.

It’s frustrating. I can’t win with the net code here. I’m either low but penalized due to higher pings or I’m slightly higher but penalized because others are lower.

Why 80ms pings and higher can make my ping when below a certain threshold run poorly I’ll never know.

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I have this problem, always have. Let’s say I play 10 games. 3/10 times I’m going to 3000 ping and get booted to the main menu.

Sounds like a connection issue on your end.

On another note, I just played a match where I had a 17ms ping and the teleporting and sponging was insane. Checked the scoreboard and an enemy player was spiking to 300-975ms.

How is it acceptable that this players garbage connection can have a negative impact on my connection quality on dedicated servers? Can you stop pairing me with these high ping fluctuation warriors in any and all game modes?


I saw 6900 ones… solids 6900 through creating lobby, validation, and match start…

So many for any ping filters, if 6900 is allowed…


When I’m actually in the game I’m always 20-30 ping but suddenly it’ll shoot up and boot me. Its not the internet quality but something is definitely wrong so I’ll need to get that fixed lol

It’s likely like quality coming into your house or somewhere within the routing. I’ve been through it before with my old ISP and it sucks.