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Would you want character customization in Gears 5

(xFribbo) #21

I believe if the customisation does well in Tactics it might wanna make TC try it out for a Gears in the future, that’s if we assume Gears 5 hasn’t got it.

(Jarl Thorgrim) #22

Here’s hoping

(Milan89SD) #23

Gears of war judgment head something similar… And it was great idea, don’t know why there didn’t put it in 4…

(Turt1e Friend) #24

Although customization would be neat, I don’t think it would work if used as some of these other suggestions. I feel like the only customization that would actually work and make sense is like removing hats and goggles, and generic character customization. Like changing up armor or other armor variations. I think thr biggest plus is that this system would bring back alot of everyones favorite classics. Like for the drone, you can change between different helmet types, like the beast rider helmet, the sniper goggles, gunner helmet, etc. This could also bring back helmets falling off (Like the Theron Sentinel from Gears 3) for certain characters. A big one I’d like to see is customizable gears. Like being able to switch through a number of skin tones, choosing between the Eday and Vday (+med) bodytype, and being able to switch between the 4 different helmet variations like the 1st (anthony’s helm for example), the second (benjamin’s helmet for example), the third (the NCOG helm for example) and the combat helm (gears 4’s vday gear’s helm for example)… it seems very doable in my eyes, even if very few characters would have this kind of option. I think this system would only really work with: the locust drone variations, the grenadier variations, generic gears, scions, therons (limited options), and probably some others but I cant think of them right now. With a feature like this, it would be neat to see the return of having to earn certain options. Like 200 torque bow kills to get the sentinel helmet for theron or something. I couldnt see this on all characters (Like having to “earn” the Vday body) but just on little things like 50 Overkill kills to wear Bairds goggles over his eyes. This just gives the game a bit of spice in my opinion, rather than crossing your fingers to unbox a character from a crate. This feature would be dumb though if it was overused or offered variations that are pushing it a bit. Like being able to have like a Cole who is wearing dress pants with his classic chest armor. It just has to be done right. But anyways, yeah. Hope they add it.

(III EnVii III) #25

Paragraphs dude, paragraphs…

(Turt1e Friend) #26

Hey man, punctuation and proper grammer is not on my to-do list whilst on the move :wink:

(III EnVii III) #27

All you need to do is add in spaces,

Like this,

So it’s not a wall of text,


(Rundan) #28

I usually don’t like too much change with Gears but this idea I’ve always liked.

Only if they do it right. Like being able to change every piece of armor from Boots all the way up to chest pieces, helmets, arm guards ect.

Maybe adding custom paint jobs as well.


I think this would be a welcome change. Ive found all the characters both cog & swam are all to similar. Everybody looks the same. I would also like to be able to create my own emblem

(Duffman GB) #30

Locust FOREVER…real locusts :wink:

(S T Y R A N K l) #31

I’m all for more diverse visual customization options as long as it isn’t taken to ridiculous lengths. Also, it should be done carefully. I don’t wanna see that “one size fits all” type of armor customization that Halo Reach had, for example. A lot of the customization items looked like out of place electronics and containers glued onto random spots on the player’s armor. Gears is also very character-driven so any armor customization should look like it belongs to that character and their outfit.

(Shiddick) #32

Mortal Kombat is doing it and it’s looking really good.

High Hopes and modern gears of war do not go well together…but if I was in charge, I’d give y’all that badassery what mk11 has got going on which is just about what the majority of people are seemingly in agreement about here. I.e. Baird goggles down, base drone with multiple helmet/armor options etc.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #33

I agree with David on this…the characters are part of the reason gears is unique…nobody really ever remembered a COD campaign character if they even played the campaign

(Bleeding Pepper) #34

There’s quite a few character skins that are basically based off of a single base model as it is. The Locust Drone, Sniper and Beat Rider all use the same base body. They have the same armour and the only thing different is their heads/head-wear. Also looking at some of the older Locust characters from GOW3, the Cyclops and Miner also have the same body armour.

Same as the Theron characters - they all have different helmets but have the same armour but in different colours.