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Would you want character customization in Gears 5

(Jarl Thorgrim) #1

I would. Pick your armor, skin tone all that


I honestly like that idea. But then again, it reeks of CoD…

(Jarl Thorgrim) #3

I want more unique characters. Be cool to have like cog gears in different armors. Be pretty cool


Yes I agree. But part of the uniqueness of Gears is the Characters. So I dunno, I could be persuaded either way

(xFribbo) #5

I wouldn’t mind being able to create how I’d like to look in the Gears Universe, but I just feel like it would never happen in Gears 5 but I could be wrong.

It is a possibly though, there is going to be the option to customise your squad on Gears Tactics and I’m pretty sure you can make your own on Gears POP!

One of those things where we can’t get our hopes up but we can’t forget about the possibility either.

(Finnie1245) #6

How about a world-class, functional online experience instead of more ways to play dress-up?

(xValtiel) #7

Only minor things to existing characters. I don’t want a straight up CAC in Gears though. We already have the unnamed COG soldiers for that.

Like, if I wanted to remove Dizzy’s hat I should and if I want to have Baird’s goggles on his head or wrapped around his eyes ala Mechanic Baird style I should. Not some Soul Calibur bs though ya know?

(Jarl Thorgrim) #8

Yeah something like that. Like I would want marcus armor with a Cog helmet

(xFribbo) #9

I get what you mean. It’d be cool to have the ability to take off accessories, even though Marcus’s bandana is legendary, he’d still look cool without it.

I’d like to be able to use the accessories for all characters, if it was a thing. So stick Marcus’s bandana on JD :rofl:

(Bleeding Pepper) #10

I think the base COG Gear should be just one character, but customisable so you can change gender, skin colour, voice, the helmet, knee pads, and add other small changes to the armour.

I’d also like the customisation options to reflect Horde classes - so for example there are some Engineer parts like a tool belt etc; or the Heavy parts include thinks like a shoulder pauldron and bulletbelt; while the Scout has shotgun shells attached to their wrist gauntlet etc.

(Black Mage Pein) #11

I would just rather more character skins of characters. (plus a balance of for said characters. not 3 Sam skins or whatever , two of which are the same but with an older face; and not 9 Cole Train skins or whatever)
That are not randomly obtainable through Loot boxes.

Whilst TC has recently adjusted such things with the ability to purchase character skins (which I am grateful for and encourage this practice more), as a non-american citizen however; I am not paying 20$ for Griffon like when he was launched. Thankfully he has gone down, (regardless if I unlocked him before said purchase-able transaction) I can sympathize with those who did not. it was 17.99 when he was launched where i am from.
N I live in the same country as TC. This price was absurd however.

(III EnVii III) #12

I guess it could work but don’t know if it would be “Gears style” as characters normally have their size and unique armour designs for the most part.

(Duffman GB) #13

Nothing wrong with wanting both.
Reach for the sky and all that :wink:

(III EnVii III) #14

Both would be amazing :raised_hands:

But priority seems like it’s always going to be Skins and money :sweat_smile:


Both of which you seem to have in abundance :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #16



…and emojis, apparently :joy:

(xFribbo) #18

Envi spoils me.

(Stoic Slab) #19

What about Swarm characters? Would they get their own customization options, or are you willing to drop them from versus?

(Jarl Thorgrim) #20

Yes they would. So basically how I would want it to work. You still have ur story characters like JD Marcus Kait Del etc. In which you can add things to them like have marcus in his armor but no bandana or make JD back to Gears 4 JD. Then on both sides you’ll have your “custom” character. Where they’re a standard trooper but you can pick skin color, armor color, head/eye wear, boots or no boots (for swarm) all that good stuff. Like the E day cog is The same person as the v day cog and the classic armor cog