Would you still get Gears 6 if it were slower than Gears 5?

I like the speed.

How easy it is to land shots / the game assists players - is what I hope gets reduced in 6.

I think the Bethesda aquistion and success of GamePass could let TC zero in on what long time fans of gears want. no need to build a game that appeals to everyone and hits those checkboxes other games seem to gravitate towards. emotes, cross-promotion garbage, celebrities and battlepasses.

just give us gears of war

might be hard to do though. this isn’t Epic Games, this isn’t even the same TC we had at Gears 5 launch

every time I see a TPS I secretly hope it’s going to compete with Gears so they have competition in this space. happened with Outriders, and maybe this new game for EX-Dice devs.

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