Would you still get Gears 6 if it were slower than Gears 5?

Not just PvP but PvE as well. TC tried to take a more tactical approach with Gears 5 by making it slower/reducing teams from 5v5 to 4v4 instead of hyper speed action and chaos 24/7.

So I’m just curious… If Roadie Run off of cover, wall cancels, Rolls etc were all slower would you still consider playing it? Obviously its too early to say because there are many other things that could make the game better but I think tuning is the core/heart of the game usually.

Lastly I know most Gears fans will get the game regardless because its Gears but surely you can admit when something isn’t good. I can already see it, 4yrs from now “Man Gears 5 was amazing”

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I want to say no, but if I’m completely honest, I don’t know. I’m addicted to gears.

I preferred GOW4’s tuning for ages and probably still do (I haven’t played it in a while) but I still pressed on with 5, trying to make it work. It has, to an extent, grown on me (or maybe I’m just used to it) so maybe the next one could too. But maybe not. There’s a breaking point somewhere. For example, if everyone moved like sloths through jello (literally speaking) I can’t imagine anyone finding that enjoyable.

With all of this said I hope to god they don’t slow it down next time.


Most people here seem to favorite GoW4s tuning the most.

I will get the next gears no matter what but I really really hope the PvE has the same “tuning” that gears 5 has had. Its fast and has no weird delays after shooting/meleeing/wall canceling.

The tuning for PvP in 5 right now is alright, imo. But if Gears 6 is slower than that I won’t play for any reason besides getting the highest rank to get rewards. People have their opinions on Gears 4 comp but that tuning is my favorite tuning in Gears history right above the tuning UE had.


Of course. I need to know how it ends, and the only way to do that is to get to play the game for myself. Anyone who says they are not getting Gears 6 is either telling a lie or will fold like origami when it’s out lol.

I never bought the gears games for the vs and while they are sometimes fun to play unlike Gears of War 3 which is always fun to play, I can do without vs.

If 6s pvp is slower than 5, then it better feel like UE. If not, I’m not buying it.

If its fast, then hopefully it’s like 4s pvp because that felt great.

I’d get it regardless & I’m sure we all would :rofl:


Speed doesn’t matter too much to me, but I hope Gears 6 tones down how easy it is to perform animation shots(Up A’s, back A’s, etc.). Not only is it basically the meta in 5, but it also looks and feels broken and stupid.

I would still get Gears…

:notes:I would do anything for Gears but I won’t* do that :musical_note:

*what would that be for you. I can’t think of anything, maybe if it were ONLY BR? I would probably still buy just not play!


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yes, but i would only play campaign and pve

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It’s already slow-motion so i highly doubt that it could be even slower :joy:

On a serious Note as long as the PvE aspect of the next Game is good, i don’t care.

I’d still get it regardless. But surely they wouldn’t be that silly. Surely…

This just sealed Gears 6’s fate


I’m hyped for Gears Infinite.


GoW2 ftw

No. That only should be for a specific tactical mode or something like execution. Not the entire game. Or even in campaign or horde have a tactical option. But I would get through gamepass and probably not touch it after campaign.

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I don’t mind. As long as it’s not sluggish. I’d like the game to be less rush in and die and more thoughful. Overal, I want pvp and pve to be consistent together.

I’m getting Gears 6 regardless… yea another game (now know which one) has pulled me away from Gears lately, but for one I still come back 1 or 2 times a week, but when 6 drops my time would become split more evenly.

My hopes tho for 6… don’t repeat 5’s launch… 4 improved, 5 forgot all those improvements and launched a broken mess… I HOPE 6 launches working off of 5’s improvements this time.

Perfect for me would be current tunings, bring back actual ranks instead of leaderboard(another reason I barely play it’s not all Fortnite’s fault, I just feel bored and don’t want to play super sweaty games every game with nothing to show for it… I don’t mind the sweaty games, if I’m going to rank up after it, makes it feel more accomplished. I didn’t just go through a sweaty sweatfest for nothing)

I digress lol here we go again, my perfect launch

  1. Core essence all the things they improved on for 5, keep that going into 6.

  2. Get rid of Leaderboards and bring back ranks… either…

2a. Use the old GOW 4 system (it sucked not knowing where your points was coming from and what not, but at least that system actually felt like it worked)

2b. Bring back the GP system, but rework the points, base them off all of the categories of the current scoreboards, I honestly think that would help it greatly. This one I would want more, cause we’d know what we gotta do.

  1. Never remove Guardian from Ranked :stuck_out_tongue:

I will get it for pve/horde…

After the massive disappointnent in pvp going from gow4 to g5, i am done with pvp in this game, so it doesnt matter to me what g6’s pvp is like.

I liked gow4 very much in pvp. G5’s pvp to me ranged from utterly pathetic to just unpleasant. Never was it fun, for me.

I’m definitely going to buy gears 6.

It’s even more interesting to see how the pve/horde will turn out to be since Micheal Shannon has left. The only person that had passion for pve/horde sort of speak.

We’ll see… Hopefully, both PvP and pve are good.