Would you play FFA Control?

Yay or nay?



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Nope, it would take forever.

No real interest in that no


Honestly, FFA never appealed to me and only play it for the medals, but any change would definitely not have me go over regularly lol.


NAY! :racehorse:

As much as I enjoy FFA, I’d have to say NAY! due to the time it’d take.

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Maybe Control/KOTH is a bad objective for FFA, but an objective based FFA could work. Maybe putting 8 players on a map kinda like Horde, but they’re against one another and the PvE enemies.

When a player dies they wait for a respawn, and the winner is decided by Time Alive, Number of Deaths, PvE and PvP kills and then just overall score.

Or something like that. Mashing FFA and something objective based rather than just endless third-party Gnasher brawling.

I feel like if it was any more than like 4 players it would take way too long

I’m laughing at everyone saying no because of the time it would take…solution is to drastically reduce the score to win.

Cmon guys, rlly?


Exactly. Make it like 50 points or less


Territories in Halo comes to mind but you’d have to have a way to have all the rings available for cap at the same time, and as Clown said, something like 50 points to win. Instant cap instant breaks with normal size ring which is possible in custom amd multi rings captured is possible.

Two to a team a la Wingman so its not a complete slog to end the round.

Plus Wingman in general as well.

I believe they assume that because if TC implements FFA Control, they are going to implement it with a 300 points goal.

Then it’s going to take about 6 months to have them reduce it lmao

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So it would be Lone Wolves KOTH from Halo 3? The score system would have to be reworked as well as spawns because otherwise it would take ages to win.

Why don’t TC do more with FFA with tons of variants in the Competitive playlist such as Torque Bow Tag or One Shot One Kill or Pipes only etc

I’m also surprised about that response. I’m fine with people not agreeing with me (I would be interested to try FFA Control) but please, if you turn down an idea at least be logical about it :sweat_smile:

If FFA Control were to be tested and turned out a bit too chaotic for competitive, it could still work in quickplay.

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Hear me out… FFA Execution

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