Would You Pay Iron For Bonus Dev/TC Stream Content?

If TC put bonus Dev/Stream videos in the store for Iron would you be interested?
Bonus stuff.

Y/N ?



You can’t be serious.

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Hi. I remember you. We did Blood Drive together.

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LMAO! Is this a troll thread? Would you honestly want to see more of Dana on a stream and with him not knowing what he is talking about?


They could talk about other things or things they can talk about. It’s bonus / premium content for the store.

no man … of course not …

I would rather donate my money to the Red Cross or to some charity . it way more worth it.

People are free to do with their money what they want. There is no judgement or shame if they do/do not give to charity. People donate hundreds / thousands to a Twitch streamer. Could that money gone to the Red Cross and not the Twitch streamer?

I’m aware of that… however paying money so we can see more dev or tc streams its just plain moronic…

if the game would be great right now , with lots of maps and characters I would definetely would be interested to pay for more dev or streams videos… but right now askig for money to watch TC giving information while the game its a broken or dead state right now its just plain pointless…


Dead game and broken is an exaggeration. Plenty of people enjoy it. You may not see that as they don’t post on the forums or social to be “vocal”. If people really hated the game they would uninstall or play something else. Not be seen playing a “broken” unplayable game. No?


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The game is there and is playable… however that doesn’t make the game great, full of maps or flawless in its execution

people not being vocal regarding the current state of the game and the disastrous launch and execution that it had has… doesn’t make it any less true to the fact that is really is something poorly done…

I get that is fun sometimes… but it would be an insult to truly great games to say that Gears 5 its great… which we all know it isn’t.

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I assume you are playing something else and not Gears 5?

I rest my case…

court’s adjourn.

That’s not an answer to my question. Great is in the eye of the beholder. Why are people playing an “okay” game, wasting their time and lives when they can be playing a great game somewhere else?

I’d pay for some TC skins

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You mean those exclusive staff ones that’s on the dev stream? I think there was a TC Cog Gear one.

Yeah I’d pay for that, sick skin. But I don’t think we should pay for more videos tbh. More information should be a given I shouldn’t have to pay TC 5 bucks for something I should already know


Would they discuss future content in these bonus streams?



They would. It would be worth while videos. Dana can talk about real things.