Would you pay for a 'Carmine Clan' DLC pack?

i’m just sort of throwing this idea out there for the masses. I’m assuming the most recent pack that the TC bought out for $19.99 sold quite well based on the amount of players i see with the weapons skins specific only to that package.

Seems like a lot of the fan base don’t play across all the different modes (horde, arcade, ffa etc) and a lot of people find that grind tedious to unlock specific characters . Much like TC did recently with the pack where you get the new characters, iron, boost,weapons skins. Why not a as i like to call it 'Carmine Clan" DLC? just spit balling here, but this is my ‘Carmine Clan’ pack:

characters included:

Ant, Ben, Clay, Fred, Gary & Will (Lizzie is in the game now so i cant include her lol) but that’s 6 new characters including a fan favorite we have been crying out for.

1x full weapons set load out

1x 30 day boost

600x iron (not much iron i know, but the rest of the pack contents make up for it?)

1x brad new map

1x remastered map (insert any old gears map people loved. Gridlock? drydock? do a public vote if need be

what realistically would you pay for my 'Carmine Clan" DLC? $40.00, $50.00?

or better yet, what would you like in a DLC or a pack that you would pay for?

I’d pay 0$ for that. All base characters should be free, or there should be a way to get them for free.

Please stop giving TC ideas.

Now, if they were going to release a bundle with a premium skin for all the Carmines, after having released the base characters beforehand, along with everything else you’ve mentioned, then we can talk.


There’s no way i’m going to pay them just to be able to play Anthony again. I will actually just run around with my newfound assortment of Kait skins for the duration of G5 ,


Obviously I’d want to pay as little as possible! I gather that this all costs TC money and time to make, but the launch content of the game was very underwhelming in my opinion, so to me, TC have a fair bit to make up for! :smiley:

Thing is, with the Operation 2 bundle, it was the weapon set that actually made the bundle remotely worth it.

The key things to remember are that the 4 characters were all acquirable for free - but would obviously take time and effort. Sure, people may want a shortcut, but ultimately it could be totally free.

The cost of the bundle was a little less than the total cost of a 30-day Boost; and 1000 Iron in real money so on the surface it seem like we were getting a good deal, but bear in mind that this was on TC’s terms and their valuation of these items. Our own opinions matter too.

As an example, I find Boost to be poor value generally and have no intention of buying any regardless of the cost, so the value of Boost to me is going to be far far less than TC’s valuation of it. Iron? Well, I’ve only bought it when it was available at launch when there was that special deal (and even then I spent mostly Microsoft vouchers I got for free on it). So again the 1000 iron bundle to me, is worth far less than TC’s valuation of it.

To me, the equivalent of $20 is about right if you also get an exclusive nice looking weapon set or two, plus Iron, Boost and so on. Based on your idea, there may be 6 characters in it, but it’s essentially a shortcut and just to make it totally clear, in my opinion it is dependant on the weapon sets cos in my mind, that is what I’m actually buying.

thats a good idea as well about premium skins,

im not trying to give TC any ideas lol , just thought this could be an interesting debate about what we as consumers would be willing to pay for and what we deem as good value

No. Carmines are probably the most overrated character in any video game.

Nothing. Won’t pay a cent for anything in the store for this game ever.


paying $50 for base characters
“No way dude”
-Bart Simpson

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To make it short: I will NEVER EVER pay a single Euro for anything in this games store. I bought season passes before and will again under the right conditions but what happens here is a total ripoff. Especially if you buy so called Ultimate, Collector, Whatever Editions…

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Honestly I dont feel bad for anyone that bought the ultimate edition. And I only say this because of the way TC screwed people over with Gears 4 season pass. Anyone who bought an Ultimate Edition without researching deserved to be ripped off. Buying the standard edition and subscribing to gamepass ultimate gave you all the stuff the ultimate edition did saving you about $20

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I got plenty of Ultimate months when MS had the promotion where they turned Gold to Game Pass Ultimate 1:1 when you tested Game Pass for one month buy purchasing the special offer.

So I bought nothing and play with Game Pass only. If I had payed for the game I would be really frustrated.

If I remember Gears 3 season pass - great deal!

Nope. I will not pay for a Carmine Clan Pack. Never been a Carmine fan. It’s all about Baird for me. With hair of course.

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No I wouldn’t pay for that man … I think TC should give them for free at best…

It’s been a miracle that people still have hopes towards the game as it is.


Yeah I would buy.

Although get rid of the maps and drop the price to 20.

Or better yet, keep the maps and drop the price to $20. :smiley:


Fool me once…

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i should’ve rephrased the topic to something like 'what would make you buy a DLC and what would you want in it?"

appreciate all the civil and constructive comments lol, i was hoping i wasnt going to get flamed by everyone for my outlandish topic lol

‘Carmine Brothers’ would probably be a better name but most likely no because I don’t have any iron.

If they did carmine pack i might consider buying it or did a kantus pack with savage kantus i might consider or put Adam Fenix as a young and old guy pack it would be cool but every character should have a free base character in the roster

No, I only want Lizzie. Still grinding for her. :frowning: