Would you like a Gears game where we play as Locust?

I mean we had dlc in Gears 3 where we played as Raam,it was fun.Would you guys want to see a Gears game where we play as Locust?
Some spin off game like Gears Tactics or a third person shooter?


We can play them in Versus.


I wouldn’t want an entire game where we just play as the Locust/Swarm. It’d feel quite un-Gearsy in my opinion.

But if it was a Gears game where there were two campaigns or a campaign that alternated between COG and Swarm/Locust with roughly a 50/50 split (like RAAM’s Shadow) then I think that would work.

I would love to see something like Horde where we defend as Locust at least.

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There was Beast Mode for Gears 3.

Overrun for Judgment,

Would I want to see a Gears game where we play as Locust against COG?

Yes, but we know it won’t be included in Gears 5 at launch,

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I think the biggest problem with Swarm is that they don’t have any lovable characters like in previous Gears like Raam,Skorge,Myrrah.

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Well, we might just be doing that with Kait as their new leader. :thought_balloon:

Yes please. I plugged so many hours into Beast amd RAAM’s Shadow just to play as different locusts. I personally would play the hell out of that game.

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We could have like Locust origins Gears spin-off game.I think that would be cool!
Im sure there are a lot of Locust fans in the Gears community.

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My suggestion from a while ago, was a Gears Of war: Chronicles game, which features several standalone chapters from the GOW timeline which can cover past events and be part-prequel. Each act will be split into two halves - COG and Locust/Swarm and you could play as a number of new characters, or in the case of the Locust/Swarm side, faceless anonymous drones.

My idea involved it starting out with a flasbback scene with Adam Fenix and Myrrah during the Pendulum Wars (so pre-E-Day) arguing. Myrrah is threatening to invade the surface because of the Lambent threat but Adam is pleading for more time and arguing that the Pendulum Wars is slowing down his research. This scene cuts to…:

Act 1 - play as a COG soldier in the Pendulum Wars - perhaos a young Hoffman or something? The second half of the act involves playing as a Locust character in the Hollow fighting the Lambent.

The next cutscene could be post-E-Day and be a conversation between Prescott lamenting the loss of human life following the HOD strikes.

Act 2 - you play as a human Stranded survivor in a destroyed city shortly after the HOD strikes, and you need to regroup with survivors etc. You could play as someone like Franklin or another existing Stranded. The second half you play as a Locust soldier regrouping after the HOD destroyed alot of your fellow Locust, and to hunt surviving humans.

Act 3 - could cover the Battle for Ephyra as a COG in the unit that Marcus abandoned to save his father. It’s basically a backs to the war fight to survive. The Locst half could involve playing as a Theron strike team sent to capture Adam Fenix at the Fenix mansion and fighting an Onyx Guard unit sent to do the same.

Act 4 could cover the Siege of Tollen Dam and cover both sides - the besieged COG soldiers, and the attacking Locust.

Act 5 could be more of a present day story - playing as an Outsider from Settlement 2 fighting against DeeBees. It would give insight into what happened at Settlement 2. The other half could involve playing as a Swarm unit sent to abduct Outsiders for processing.

Etc etc.

I think the main thing for me is to avoid focusing on Delta Squad as their story has been told now. It would be a chance to explore other characters, maybe even new characters and to look at what life was like generally on Sera during the same timeline.

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Love that idea. Would also lead to the most characters in versus to date. Because you can add all kinds of new people doing a story like that.

That would be 50/50 then,not a full Locust campaign.I would like to see full game from Locust perspective.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I just don’t think it would feel very Gearsy. I think it will also be a bit niche because we won’t get to play as humans. I know it seems shallow, but I suspect alot of fans will find that weird. And also characterising the Locust / Swarm would be very tough.

DLC would work, but an entire game seems a stretch too far in my opinion.

Oh yeah,you mentioned that in earlier post😁Sorry about that,