Would you be interested in a Locust campaign?

Would you be interested in a Locust campaign? I think it will answer many questions we all have. when it comes to what the Locust are , they are friends or foe?

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Rise of RAAM does enough of that, but only enough to convince the reader that at least some are somewhat more complex than what we’ve seen so far, but never giving a reason to believe that they’re worth rooting for.

At least that’s what I’d expect out of characters when playing as them in a series like this; and after reading through that story, I don’t believe any Locust - or even a Myrrah-like character - have any qualities that make them worthy of exploring on a intimate level.


probably not a full game campaign, but just as a DLC like a RAAM’s Shadow.

My friends and I have talked about this. I would love a Locust campaign. To be honest, I find them more interesting than the COG.

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Well they haven’t explained what Myrrah is, I mean is she Human is she created by a human etc . I don’t read the lore because it’s very different from the game … the main reason I would like to see a campaign is because there’s many things we still don’t know like how the Nexus was created and who was first on Planet Sera Humans or Locust ? I mean the Locust universe is rich and it can be expanded as well as the Gears Universe imo


It sort of has.

Id like a dlc on 2 items

  1. How myrrah became queen and started to push and organize
  2. How the locust train and get the guns n armor

There’s a lotta interesting things we still haven’t seen
Stuff like who was first Humans or Locust?

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I always found Cobra infinitely more interesting than the GI JOEs, so something Locust based as opposed to COG-centric would be right up my alley.

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I had an idea a while back for a Gears Of War: Chronicles game, which is standalone and not directly linked to the current games, but is set in the existing universe. It covers multiple periods throughout, and involves either new original characters, or existing side-characters. I think given that GOW1-3 and Judgment told the story of Delta Squad, we don’t need to focus on them anymore and should explore other characters instead. The Pendulum Wars is an interesting time and lots of fans want more. However I think an entire game centred on the Pendulum Wars is too much - this was before the Locust came to the attention of humanity, and so such a game would just be human VS human, and that’s really un-Gearsy. My idea should offer the best of both worlds.

My idea was that each act would be split into two halves - one Human; and one Locust. The ideas for acts I had were:

The game will be narrated and take the form of flashbacks as they will cover past events in the GOW universe. I figure to begin with, the first act could be narrated by Adam Fenix and Queen Myrrah in conversation.

ACT 1 -
The first act is set during the Pendulum Wars - Myrrah is threatening to invade the surface as the Locust-Lambent war is not going well. Adam is pleading with Myrrah for more time to develop his Imulsion countermeasure, and tries to explain that the Pendulum Wars is taking up too much time. We then cut to playing as a COG character during the Pendulum War - maybe a new character, or maybe a younger existing character like Hoffman?

The next section of act 1, begins with a cutscene of Myrrah describing to Adam how the Lambent are making gains in their war in the Hollow. The game cuts to playing as the Locust in their civil war against the Lambent.

ACT 2 -

The narration shifts to Richard Prescott, Hoffman and Adam Fenix. This act is set after E-Day, and immediately after the Hammer Of Dawn strikes. The scene cuts to playing as a Stranded survivor in a demolished city, regrouping with fellow survivors and fighting off Locust forces in the aftermath. This would be a nice way to explore life as a Stranded. Griffin could feature as an NPC, and this could be used to explore his character. I can’t speak for everyone, but in GOW3 Griffin came across as just an angry sweary git. I didn;t feel sympathetic at all, even though I knew I should given what had happened to the Stranded. This could be a way to cast them all in a more sympathetic light and really look at the human cost of the war. Ultimately GOW1-3 was Delta Squad’s story, and I’d love for the Stranded to be explored.

The second part of the act cuts to playing as Locust survivors following the HOD strikes, regrouping and continuing the hunt for human survivors.

ACT 3 -
Set during the Battle of Ephyra immediately after Marcus Fenix deserts his squad with the HOD target designator to save his father. You play a Gear fighting a backs-to-the-war defence to hold off the Locust forces. This would be a nice way to explore the grey area in Marcus’ mythology. Yeah he’s a war hero etc, but on this day he essentially condemned his fellow soldiers to death by deserting them.

The second half you play as part of a Locust task force sent to the Fenix Estate to capture Adam Fenix. As we know, this is ultimately doomed as Prescott gets in there first with an Onyx Guard squad, but this could be a nice parallel and involve an almighty battle against the Onyx Guard. Maybe Marcus and Dom can appear as enemy units who are eventually forced to retreat?

ACT 4 -
This act could cover the Battle of Tollen Dam - as mentioned in GOW4, a COG unit was sent to protect the dam and was besieged by Locust forces. You play as one of the soldiers and fight a Halo: Reach fight to hold off the Locust invaders, but ultimately are overrun. This could be narrated by an existing character, maybe even Marcus as we know he was involved in the failed mission to help break the siege and assist the trapped Gears.

The other half, features playing as the Locust forces besieging the dam.

ACT 5 -
This would be set closer to the present, but would still be pre-GOW4. You play as an Outside at Settlement 2. JD and Del make an aooearence and this will cover Settlement 2 debacle - we don’t know much about it, but it’s implied that it was a mission that went wrong and resulted in the use of excessive force against an Outsider settlement which eventually led to JD and Del leaving the COG. This act could cover these events so we find out what happened.

The second half could feature playing as the Swarm as they attack Outsider settlements and capture them to be processed into the pods.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


I think taking stuff from the lore is needed since we don’t know much about the Lambeth and Locust and how humans arrive on Sera … I like your idea we need more stories with different characters and what happened in different times like Pendulum Wars


I don’t want to be the arbiter of the subject again because of how often its brought up and I don’t feel comfortable re-posting someone else’s words without their permission, so I’ll just leave you with this.

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You are one tough cookie I see and I respect your point of view not many would like the idea of Locusts campaign

The thing is many people don’t know the origins of Locusts, Lambeth,Swarm etc

The story and origins is already done in ink meaning comics but would be nice to see via video game graphics …

because some players are new to the game many don’t know much of the Gears Universe,

I have watched some Gears lore (Youtube videos) and I know a bit of the characters and some Locust …

not many of us read the lore (comic) including myself , mainly we go by campaign and that’s all we know
I didn’t know Gears had a comic till I saw my brother watching it on the internet around 6 years ago and I been playing since Gears 1.

Locust campaign would be a good way to expand the Gears Universe take it as a spinoff of you like ,
I would like to see TC taking some content from the lore so Gears can be more likeable point is ; “Locust seem to be more interesting”

This is just my opinion

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I would love a locust campaign. I think I would like to see it as a pre Eday series.

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A Standalone Locust Game would be pretty nice if done right. So many things you can do with so many different Locust and Swarm. I would like a multiplayer designed for Locust, maybe against Lambent would be interesting.


Someone need to port that thread here otherwise it will be lost forever. Also the true owner is Joveus I believe.

As long as you credit the owner it should be fine.


Was reading through that, pretty good info on there.

Maybe we could get a Campaign DLC section that dedicates to how Uzil Sraak rose up in ranks.
RAAM seemed to mock him, how he wasn’t fighting on the front lines in the comics.

A locust campaign would be awesome to be honest


Yes I am 100% all for this


This locust history will be awesome