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Would this new trilogy be better if it wasn't a continuation

(Kevin D N) #1

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past few days. Would this new trilogy be better if it wasn’t gears of war 4, and instead just gears of war with some time of subtitle. Like call of duty does with black ops and modern warfare. Because it kind of ruins the ending of Marcus getting revenge for Dom by killing Myrah and stopping the locusts the first time. Especially since they’ll probably just hibernate for another 25 years once they get stopped again haha. I mean if you remove the legacy characters and make there own universe with redesigned weapons of the iconic weapons with a different name just to make fans happy. Would it be the worst thing in the world to just be on a different universe and let the 3rd game keep the end it was supposed to have?

(Stoic Slab) #2

I would have preferred it that way.

One thing that I don’t like about many series - games, films, etc - that just keep going is that they rob us of closure. I was disappointed when it was announced that there would be more Game of Thrones after the main series is done.

Some I don’t mind so much like Fallout or Zelda because they’re completely self contained and, even at their worst, do little to undo the significance of a previous entry.

Something like Gears or Halo on the other hand have been ongoing sagas that HAD their endings, only for them to be upended. Whatever emotional investment the audience had, the build up and eventual payoff, rendered moot because the publisher or whoever came up to us and said that it wasn’t really over.

A hard reboot could have avoided this. It would still be a Gears game, but it could be its own thing.

(Kevin D N) #3

Exactly. As much as I am excited for devil may cry 5, I believe 4 should’ve started it’s own thing with nero instead of shoehorning in dante for the sake of fan service. My most hated one is what Disney did to star wars because it makes Anakins tragic love story of saving the people he loved either by turning to the dark side to save his wife, or going back to the light to save his son completely not matter

(YodaMan 3D) #4

I actually, don’t mind it being a continuation, but to me it needs separation from the original trilogy. I love Marcus and I felt I had closure for his story. The next trilogy needs it’s own hero or heroin. Not a story about how the original characters make cameos.

(GhostofDelta2) #5

I really wanted it to be a fresh cycle with the theme of humanity doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Myrrah hinted that the Locust came from humanity and shared the same flaws. I would have loved for a COG civil war or factional fight between the humans where one side had a scientist and/or top brass that decided to use locust DNA to try to create super soldiers. This new breed of human/locust hybrid would quickly create its own hierarchy and rebel.

This idea also echoes the use of intruding a foreign species to solve one problem but ends up causing an even worse problem (see Cane toads in Australia)

(Me0wMix CatFood) #6

I was left with such a feeling of “meh” at the end of Gears 4 that I was really hoping they’d give this story a rest for a while. I’m not one of these guys that thinks Gears HAS TO be the bro squad but I just didn’t care for any of the G4 characters or what they planned to do next.

That said… I like what they’re doing with Kait’s journey and I’m sure it’ll be cool. Hopefully Kait will get a break after this one and they’ll hire a good writer to take Gears in a fresh direction. Something that’ll give me the excitement and chills that the original campaigns did.

(DrMmmPie) #7

If a new dev team takes over a long running game series, I’d love to see them remake the games but this time we play as the “bad guys” how fun would it be if we got to kill Delta squad.

(YodaMan 3D) #8

I can understand how some wouldn’t like it, but why not play from the locust version of the story. Seeing how players in games like playing the bad guys online. Why not show the side of the Locust and their need to survive?

I read the novels and when it discussed how Marcus’s Dad and Mom 1st discovered the Locusts. In GoW and from the Novels, the Gears wasn’t always the good guys and brought alot of the war upon themselves. What if the UIR and Gears, are in reality just 2 barbaric races, neither willing to work with a suffering Locust Nation?