Would this make you happy yes or no?

In operation 3 for the maps of they gave us 4 versus maps. 2 brand new maps and river and mansion. And 2 new ffa maps. Would that be acceptable to you?

There’s maps I’d to see before River and Mansion tbh.

I don’t see the point in FFA exclusive maps.

I’m not going to be playing it and same for a lot of people so 5 exclusive maps for one mode seems like a waste.


Since we already know that whenever the map builder is expanded into being able to build Versus maps that we won’t be able to take any of those maps into Ranked, this is as close as we’re going to get to something like that. Any maps built with the map builder can’t take too much development time, because they don’t need to do testing like they would on a normal map because they’d already done their testing on each individual tile. Which basically just leaves playtesting.

I haven’t seen too many people complain about the maps in FFA so far, and once it gets added to Ranked I’m sure people are going to want larger map variety especially when they get more varied tile environments in.

for me I think it would be acceptable to have 5 brand new maps for all modes period.

The problem with the way TC implemented FFA is the same problem Judgment had when it comes to maps. Having a mode that has 14 players and needs their own larger maps is gonna really limit what maps we are gonna get in the future for all modes


Nah. I know it may be too much to ask, but I wouldn’t be content unless they release a minimum of 6 universal maps, as in maps that you can use in horde and traditional versus. Preferably 4 new maps and two remakes that haven’t been remade before. I’ll be somewhat content with 3new/3remakes though. They underdelivered on that end in OP2, which is why I’m asking for so much.

Lack of maps has been my biggest gripe since the game launched, and no amount of Gears4 maps will change that.

But I’m 100% certain this will not happen in OP3. We’ll most probably get 1 new map, 1 remake and a handful of FFA/2v2 maps since those are easier to make.

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cough gridlock cough

i think we all want new maps, thats a given lol

100% agree with you. TC really under delivered on maps in operation 2. Launching with 7 maps and adding 2 maps 1 being new and the other being a remake of something no one asked for. I really really hope we dont get anymore Gears 4 maps.

Also I hope we get more maps that arent made because it fits esports. Most people only watch for the free skins which was proven when no one really watched the 1st Gears 5 tournament.

And drop our gif one more time for the dude above me lol

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Ask and ye shall receive. :blush:

Also, I agree with your post.



gridlock is the best!!!

It’s ok, but got old after 10+ yrs of playing it.

Whatever anyone’s thoughts are about Gridlock, it’s time for it to be retired. Something I’ve said one too many times now is that theres far too many great maps in this series to keep getting the same remakes. Time for some maps that have never been remade to come back out

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I just want Sanctuary versus/horde wise. Don’t care about FFA maps as the only one I enjoy playing is Core


River maybe z would have to be made larger imo. But mansion, no. As a 2v2 map though, yes.

Well that’s not true. If anything, the people anting Gridlock is a reason to rejoice and celebrate the game. People shouldn’t be hindered in their search for gaming. They should be embraced.

All maps should exist. Gears multiplayer doesn’t need to exist in a vacuum based on its numbered iteration. All maps, all modes, all character should exist.

If you don’t want to play Gridlock, then don’t. But the option should exist for everyone else. And that’s not a bad thing. Instead of putting up walls and barriers to playing and restrictions on load outs and maps and characters… if it were to be open end up properly and Gears would innovate and ascend above the rest of the gaming developers as they once did… the answer is staring them in the face. They just refuse to accept it. They refuse to evolve.

Games are no longer locked to discs. Locked to size limits. Locked to loading restrictions. Locked to many things at all. There’s a billion different ways to do things now. And rather than innovate and bring Gears to the higher end that it should be… TC is chaining it to the ground by copying Fortnite, CoD and BF…

Telling someone that they shouldn’t want to play Gridlock is extremely closed minded. The community of this game is so small and dying off faster and faster every week. Instead of pushing people away for wanting specific things, you should be embracing them and trying to give them what they want and need to make your gaming community healthier. More people playing the game can’t hurt. But telling people they’re wrong for wanting to play it… now that’s just ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Yup because thats how it works. Theres no voting for a map you just play whatever map you wanna play on

We’re never gonna get a remake for every map in the series so getting the same remakes in every game is gets old and repetitive

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Oh I don’t disagree with that at all. I do think spending resources redesigning a map for the 3,482th time is stupid. But I also don’t think those assets should just be left to rot in the past.