Would this make for a good desktop or Xbox background?

I feel like it would. It took me a while to get the picture with nothing in it but here it is.

Didn’t really know where to post this so just put it in Off Topic section.

Edit : The (near)full body picture may look better but it turns out to be messed up when set as a Desktop background… whereas this one isn’t. I’ll see if I can find a way around that…


I made this one with the Gears 5 logo if ya want it… Currently using as my desktop background. :slight_smile:

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Thanks but no thanks. I can live without the Gears 5 logo! I mostly cared about the image itself. I did find a way to get the one showing more of the characters(and the full Lancer Kait holds) on a desktop background by looking at settings for it… but not without having two black bars on either side of the picture.

Still might prefer having a full image with less of the characters showing…