Would it be possible to recieve these Jack-O'-Lantern mask as skins for free?

I’ve been using this skin since it’s been available in Pumpkin ball, may we have it eventually? I love it and it matches the Jack-O’-Lantern weapons I purchased, it would be a fun edition to our collections. Maybe if we participate in both Halloween Events and complete them both we could receive it? Just a thought since we’ve been using it and some of us are getting attached to it.


You should be able to earn 13 of them next week in the Horde Event.

I think he’s talking about the pumpkin heads

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Oh right :eyes:

In that case,

Almost definitely not.

They are reserved for the Special Event.


Yes please! Next weeks featured store item.

@TC_Octus if you put it in, they will buy!

Lol, but seriously, I would pay 1000 Iron to have said pumpkin head as a personal customization item.

TC doesnt give anything for free, specially that they are in the business of making skins and bloodsprays , its their livelyhood as of now.

creating a good game its a shore to them , its something " they have to do " in order to continue selling non-sense skins to us.

I would suggest buying a new chess set, it way fun and its a challenging game to master.


¿Que? Do you mean “chore”? Lol

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jajajaja @SSZombieQueenSS

I’m sorry, I meant chore… = )

Its hard writing and speaking english, however I do speak spanish very fluently and I’m trying to learn french =)

I apologize… Im trying to get better Zombie Queen =D

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No problema don’t worry about it. :blush:

Fancy to greet you = ) , thanks Zombie Queen .

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Yea I could see that,

I’m just waiting for them to release the new blood spray skins. Or basically just a new skin with the Blood spray on it.

1200 Iron baby!

Gracias :hugs: likewise.

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