Would it be cool if they made an action figure of queen myrrah 😲

Idk I think they made it better.

I don’t know if the COG and 90% of people were really the best of friends at that point.

Yes, but according to that display the COG weren’t too friendly with the COG either. Wonderful!

In your opinion is Prescott more likeable than E-LP?

”Ugh, you’re a disgrace!”

Yes, I’d say much more likeable.

But then again this is EL-P. A Brumak’s :poop: would be more likeable.

“Amazing, ain’t it, how we made it and didn’t fake it?
Life’s a disguise, the truth is butt naked
Used to be a time I’d see it and not say it
Now I understand that woke folk be playin’
Ain’t no revolution that’s televised and digitized
You’ve been hypnotized and Twitter-ized by silly guys
Cues to the evenin’ news, make sure you ill-advised
Got you celebratin’ the generators of genocide
Any good deed is pummeled, punished and penalized
Rulers of the world will slice it up like a dinner pie
Race in a nation told you to identify
People take false pride and warfare incentivized”


Idk but I think EL-P is definitely my kinda man, versus Prescott… literal scumbag.

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Thanks for putting EL-P in the large letters, it caught my attention and saved me from reading that paragraph!

So thoughtful.


The amount of Zs where Ss should be was a little nauSiating but the lyrics are music to my ears :relieved:

I like this half of your post :+1:.

I had no doubt you’d have found it…meZmeriZing.

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