Would it be cool if they made an action figure of queen myrrah 😲

Just in case you guys haven’t seen this yet:


…MOST IMPRESSIVE :+1::trophy::wink:

Can we get this in the UK ?

I hope not at retail.

I’ll certainly pick a few up to sell on eBay at a small profit from those across the pond.

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I feel like @GB6_Kazuya has not seen this yet.

Although it’s a shame she’s not in the neckless Black Steel variant.

They also forgot to paint the Wretch.


I saw it and commented in another thread.

Oh you silly old tart, you.

Idk man.

Coulda been perfect.

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I know. Well, I tried. Ticket, Twitter, DMs and obviously that thread.

But to no avail. Ignorant cretinous heretics that they are.

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What’s wrong with it again? Other than looking like a giraffe. I saw your original post about it but I still don’t understand what it’s meant to be like.

The last image is obviously what it should be. When they changed her face to their ridiculous Gears 5 version they clearly didn’t apply her neck armour. Such idiots.


The travesty!

EXACTLY. It’s a damn joke.


wow thats such a downgrade

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Hi mate. I would still love a Gears2 Myrrah be it in game playable chatacter or action figure. We kind of have her (skin )lower half with her daughter in Queen Reyna of course


I know. I definitely agree :+1:. I’ve been asking for a Gears 2 “Royal Queen Myrrah” for years now. Obviously a slight trim of the dress would be necessary but easily done. She is well overdue another skin variant!

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I just hope that with the myrrah figure we will get the gears 2 myrrah head i hope that will happen

I think we are more likely to get a bikini Lizzie skin like that weird guy asked for than a dress wearing Myrrah

Pre or post incineration? That’s the question.

But yes, I know what you mean. The Gears 2 Queen skin is unlikely, I stopped having my hopes up after Gears 4 ignored it.

Plus TC can’t even fix the skins she has let alone put in the effort for a new one.

I think the term is “Overcooked,” you know after she got Hammered.

I know you’re trying, my boy. It’s commendable. But that doesn’t work. I can’t allow it.

But at least you tried.

It’s also worthwhile mentioning that at least Queen Myrrah got “hammered” by the enemy as opposed to her own faction.

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The worst part is that TC is never going to fix it so me and everyone else who paid I think $2.99 USD for this got scammed for first paying for a finished product, then TC changed it to an unfinished product.

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