Would holding b for the secondary weapon action really be an issue

Back before the game launched they said that the reason for switching the chainsaw to rb was other weapons has secondary functions as well. But now we know that by other weapons they literally meant one other weapon. I don’t count the breaker mace because that would have actually made sense to tap b for side swipes and hold b for overhead because it’s a melee weapon but for some reason they didn’t do that. My question is would anyone have an issue if we had to hold b for the lancer grenade launcher? I know it might sound like nitpicking but over 2 months in I still find it awkward to use the chainsaw, or accidentally jam my weapon because of the chainsaw. To be fair some of it might also be from the new strafe while chainsaw mechanic as well.

I didn’t think it would be an issue, but @N0DEZER0 brought up a good point in regards to the Lancer GL.

You wouldn’t be able to aim it, if you had to hold down B.

I still don’t see a good reason why the chainsaw can’t be on B hold though. Judgement did it that way, IIRC.

Surely there must be a better button we can map it to, other than the reload button though?

I’ve been thinking about it and it’s an easy fix for keyboard users, just make it a separate key bind… but I can’t think of a good solution for controller users :thinking:.

Would love to hear any ideas anyone has in regards to this.


That would be uncomfortable to aim and move while holding b

What would? I stated two weapons in my post. I said the GL would be useless because you couldn’t aim if you were holding B.

Can you elaborate? Or quote the part of my post you’re referring to?

Your response confused me, as you seemed “pro change” in your initial post and then did a 360 in your response.

You could hold b and move or hold b and aim, but probably not both without it being uncomfortable

I’ve been saying this since the Tech Test. It was a really bad call and it’s damn annoying. Just another bad decision to their collection. I was hoping to fix it myself with the button mapping it it wasn’t even an option. :unamused: