Would be cool if you could hide cog tags in escape

With the new map builder for Escape it would be cool if you could hide cog tags for other people to find. With finding them they could give you XP bonuses When completing the round


Neat idea, but it’s not realistic. Their goal with the map builder is not to focus on details. Hiding COG tags would require too much detail in the builder.

I mean, it’s just one collector system. Not too complicated or anything. And to OP, I’m assuming like Farcry 5, or DOOM Snapmap, they’ll be adding things later on then what’s at launch, and they said they’ll be looking for community feedback. So we’ll just have to wait and see

I mean hiding the cog tags in an obscure corner would not be possible in the map builder. The builder doesn’t let you get super specific.

Well yeah, but like I said they could add more, and it might get more complex, although yeah sad to see that it looks very lackluster compared to other map editors.

I like the idea of being able to pick up “cog tags” with the gamertags of previous dead players.

Thinking of Nier automata where you could pick up or steal other players chips.
What if you could help does players gain some Xp if you complete the level " carrying the cogtags out" Also the more you help the more bonus you get. But there should be a choice of carryiing out the tags benifit you and your team or honour the dead

Well the idea of Escape is to get out as fast as possible. Adding collectibles in it kinda goes against that idea.

Well if you wanna go after leaderboards, you should really ignore COG tag.

Thats why its a risk for reward idea

Good idea. N00b question: what is purpose of the tags now in Escape? Extra xp, extra skill card, ?

I think just xp and time off your score