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Would anyone else get the Gears OST if it was pressed on vinyl?


(TheLastArchive) #1

I’ve been collection records for a little over a year now and I’ve noticed that quite a few soundtracks have been pressed on vinyl but none of the Gears soundtracks have. Gears 2 has one of my favourite soundtracks of all time and I would happily drop $80-100 if the trilogy’s soundtracks were pressed on a deep crimson vinyl (or maybe just for the first Gears, then Gears 2 can have a warm orange look to represent autumn and Gears 3 can have a liquidy imulsion effect) and sold in a boxset. I think it would make a great addition to any Gears collectors treasures as well as anyone who loves the soundtrack and would want the record version.

(Belkain) #2

I wouldn’t because I’ve never cared much for the soundtrack.

On the other hand, I bought The Witcher 3 and Axiom Verge vinyls and I intend to keep them sealed, it was just a collectors itch (I do listen to them on spotify though).

(mizzelphug) #3

The only memorable parts of the soundtrack are at the main menus and at the start of new chapters so having a record with about a minute and a half of music doesn’t seem worth it to me.

(Pro SoIo Player) #4

Haha who buys game soundtracks