Would anyone buy a gears table top wargame?

I just discovered that theres a gears card game coming this fall/ winter season.

I was wondering if there is an audience for a gears of war table top miniature wargame? Something similar to warhammer or warmachine/ hordes.

I personally not very good at them ( more specifically warmachine/ hordes ) but the social aspect of it is fun, and I love assembling and painting the miniatures. I’d love to have a miniature army of COG / Locust on display.


wow they are really trying to milk this series as much as possible. i shouldnt be surprised but i am.

anyway they did have a Gears of War board game before which is cool.

honestly id love a warhammer like gears with miniature figures and self made maps to fight on. but honestly i dont want to touch anything that coalition has their names on, at least with my money.

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They got some big names ( guy who worked on magic card game) working on this, so I feel that it’s more than just a cash grab,
If they did make any future table top/ board game TC wouldn’t do anything other than consulting. They would contract it out to someone with a good track record.

There’s a board game for gears out ( from back in the g3 day) that seemed to a squad shooter game. It looked similar to gears tactics TBH.
It was hella pricey back in the day though, so never got round to owning or playing it.

If the local waterstones collapses due to all this virus junk, I’ll be sure to go nab the lone copy they have had for years.


no I wouldn’t man …

I rather play Chess or Texas Hold’em

It’s hard to find online matches,

I don’t think as an adult I could ever find another soul in real life that would ever want to play this :joy:

Even still,

Collected Pokemon / YuGiOh cards when I young but even then didn’t bother playing :sweat_smile:

correct man it has to have " Internet online capabilities " the game in order for us to work hahahahaha

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As long as the gnasher isnt broken

… Yeah about that … NO.

NOW we can FINALLY roll a physical dice to see who gets a gib with the gnasher!


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You roll a nat-20.

Your Gnasher accidentally goes off behind the Drone Guard, but the sound is muffled by the deafening roar of a Corpser thrashing in its pen. With the Drone distracted and your presence remaining undetected, you successfully hook the bucket of giblets with the barrel of your gun and discreetly return to your squad back near the Bloodmount corral…


How come a franchise that expands is “Milking it to death?” I’d consider something like COD to be milking, where they release a game every year and make very little changes.

I for one, am loving that we’re getting more and more Gears content outside of the main games and comics/books.

And to @yeatersm about the OP, I very much would like that. I’ve made my own to be played with friends since I love the Space Marine/D&D tabletop games, an official one would be nice.

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I agree with ur milking point


I’ve thought about trying to dig out the character models from the pc versions of the games and importing them into zbrush to tune them into printable models. My brother got a resin 3d printer and what he prints out is pretty amazing.

Maybe if I ever get some real time off ill look into it.

Anyone know how difficult it is to pull assets out of the games file directory?

I wish. I know my old Film Arts Teacher got a pretty high-end one from the school. While I was there he made Link’s sword from the Zelda games.

I don’t know anything about turning the models into 3D figures, I just copy the Cards used in Gears 4 and make cards.

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If I can export the models I’ll be fine from there.