Worth returning?

Slowly just stopped playing in December because the game is boring and TC is not willing to make any changes. I was wondering if TU4 is any better than TU3. I don’t want to put in the effort of reinstalling the game just to be let down if it’s still the same game.

Just let me know if you guys think it’s better or the same ■■■■ new update.



I hardly notice a change.

I went from not seeing Permanent Flashed Screen to now getting it at least once a day.

The Gnasher still feels broken.

Where are the new maps???

1 new map since Launch.


The Store is still rubbish …

There’s literally no good content at all.


This is all I needed to hear. Thank you :blush:


Meh, nothing really changed. Gnasher is just as inconsistent in my experience and the game as a whole feels the same.


It’s a shame. But I really don’t care at this point. There’s 4 other good gears games if I really want to play again. Bolter looks cool but I’m done being a cash cow for a game I don’t even play anymore


wow TUBSTER @TubbieSquirrels I thought I would never hear that in my life !!!.

Thanks man… without a doubt its time to move on… its like having a bad relationship with a girl and it didn’t work… the advice here its to find yourself another woman and try it again… same thing with Gears 5.

Welcome to our club man… mostly no one in this place cares anymore… the faith its gone .


Wait. You really should hear from the shills before you make a decision.


tubster @TubbieSquirrels its going to join our club then .

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Me me me! I’m a shill!

The game is dreadful.

Did I do it right…?


You don’t count pepper

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Rightfully so. Game is a dumpster fire.


Its difficult to save the game… its perhaps more on the side of " boring " … which I find it much worse.

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Definitely not.


I would like to interject and say the game is amazing in every single way, it excels in both versus multiplayer and campaign and has a flawless… :laughing: i’m sorry i can’t keep typing that crap, no not much has changed, if you didn’t like it before you wont like it now.


My friend @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o

the only good thing I have gather from Gears 5 has been the following:

Its getting acquainted with Delivery Driver Mac.
The Freedom Lancer .
and knowing great players like you man…

If it wasn’t for that man I just uninstalled Gears 5 altogether and help " DOOM SLAYER" to fulfill his mission into creating havoc on HELL.

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I complain endlessly about the game, yet i still play it. I am Horde player, i love Horde, but yeah, loads of complaints. Nothing to be done about it.
If you stayed away for a reason, then it is 95% chance that reason still exists.
I still play Horde, because i think it is an improvement than Gears of War 4 Horde, in the fact the Engineer is almost 90% the builder. Almost. Sadly i still have to put up with multiple Engineer’s.

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You can work around the games problems with pve but when it comes to pvp issues it can be game breaking…


Nope dont come back.

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I see that Tubbie has followed in the steps of the great Yaworski