Worth it at half price?

Happy Thanksgiving Gears,
I saw Gears 5 is $30 and I am genuinely curious if you guys think its worth $30? If you guys remember some of my previous posts, I haven’t bought it yet because of 4’s problems.
Not baiting or anything, truly curious on what you all who have bought it think. It should be on sale for a little while longer so share your thoughts on if price=value.
Like I said, I’m being for real.

Also fyi: The campaign intrigued me so I watched a playthrough of it so story isn’t a thing driving me to buy it.

Cheers all.


Good question. I was going to Gamepass it with the wife next month just to play the campaign together. I’m debating game sharing it for $30 (instead of buying 2 one month game passes) but I’m honestly so disappointed with the VS and Horde that I can’t ever see is playing them, despite the hundreds of hours we both put into Gears 4.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving back at cha!


Considering the cost of Game Pass, and assuming you’d only play Gears, I would just buy it for $30. I’m still using UGP for my copy but that’s because I’m good for nearly 3 years.

Maybe the game will get better and you’ll wish you had bought it instead. The cost difference isn’t much at the sale price.


Happy Thanksgiving my dude.

The thing about the game is that as it stands now, it may not be worth it, even at that price, but it really depends on the individual.

If you’re looking to play ranked, know that the system isn’t where it needs to be and it’ll most likely provide you nothing but frustration.

If you’re looking for a game with a lot of content, this may not be it. The game launched with the minimal amount of maps but they added some Gears4 maps to remedy the issue. And the amount of interesting stuff you can unlock by playing only is close to nonexistent. More are coming soon-ish, sure, but right now it’s a bit barebone.

If you live outside of NA, it’s a lost cause. People from EU, AUS and Asia are having trouble finding matches, and if you play PC, regardless of where you live, you’ll have a hard time too. So better make sure you’re playing with friends to try and remedy that issue.

Mechanics wise, they’ve made enough changes to seperate itself from its predecessors, so depending on your playstyle/tastes, the game may be up to par for you or simply an abomination. You can read around the forums to tell which changes are to your liking and which are not.

If I was in your place, I wouldn’t bother as it stands now…


You dont need to buy 2 gp subscriptions, You might just need to sign in with the 1 that has it to download it I forget as its been awhile


Oh, that’s awesome. Thx. I actually have a free gamepass certificate I’ve been holding onto so I’ll try that out and see how she goes.

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By all accounts other thsn some boring times crossing wide open EMPTY places, the campaign is very good (so I hear, didn’t play it).

For the rest, if you enjoyed GoW4, I mean on the technical level, how horde was designed, how versus movement/shooting mechanics went, barf, you probably wont like thr G5 versions.

I didn’t pay a dime for it and it was still too much.

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It’s worth 30.

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What if you get a trial code for the ultimate gamepass and test the Game,

Totally worth it for Horde alone I’d say.

Set your Xbox as your home Xbox and any profile logged in to that Xbox can play your owned & game pass games and use your Xbox Live sub. Your profile doesn’t have to be logged in.

I got two Xboxes to play with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves etc with wife and kids. They can play on my “home” Xbox while I’m logged in on another Xbox. Only one subscription needed.

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It’s only worth it if you want to raise your blood pressure. Otherwise I would invest that money in a better game.

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Huge help. Thx. I might just get her a year of gamepass for Christmas then because I know there’s a few games on there she’s been wanting to play. Her Xbox is “home” so it would work out for both based on what you’re saying.

You can also share gamepass on PC. It’s just not commonly known :+1:

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Good to know because I’m mostly on pc and she’s only on Xbox.

No. If you haven’t played it then I wouldn’t bother, it’ll tarnish your image of Gears irreparably forever.


I would highly recommend waiting until it is $20 or less (won’t be too long imo). By that time there should be more content and it’ll make the game last longer for you.


I’d say so, yes.

But I’m of the school of thought that believes that any game needs to be judge on its single player campaign and a game must stand on its own feet based on this. I mean, online multiplayer serves could be ghost towns within a few months…

I cannot lie, I enjoyed the campaign, I had serious issues though, achievements were not unlocking, progress not saving, collectables not showing. I believe these have been addressed but I’m waiting for ToD before updating.

Is it worth $30 now ? Yes if the campaign is fixed, but players are having issues with multiplayer and the in game store is not acceptable imo. Hope this helps and Happy Thanksgiving from Scotland.