Worth Coming Back?

Pretty much the title.

Got really burned out and bored playing back just before Gridiron released (Operation 3?). Was not enjoying the constant lop sided matchmaking in both solo and group play. Emphasis on rifle play at high ranks was a bore and the overall ranking experience felt unrewarding in my opinion.

FFA was fun but most games were hindered by a few players poor connections and RNG spawns.

Is the game still much of the same for KOTH / Guardian / FFA?

Yea so. Not to sound like a debbie downer. But the game is worse. ALOT WORSE.
dont believe. Go hope on for a few mins.

You will see for yourself.

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I kind of feel the same. I’ll still play, at least a little bit at a time. Ffa is a nice and easy going mode to practice and play with settings. That’s gonna be my go to for now. Koth has the ability to make me want to stop playing right on the spot.

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Server / player connections or just overall gameplay?

Yeah, I wouldn’t say the game is worse, but it is still rather the same. The lancer is still pretty potent at close range for crossing, but it’s not nearly as good for mid or long range. So any high level team is going to know how to cross, there’s no other way around it. I think throughout the majority of gears life cycle, high level play has been more about knowing how to hold angles and cross rather than handling 1v1’s. Shotgun play is still important when they get close, and is arguably more fun, but if they never get close to begin with, you don’t really have to worry about it. But the lancer is a lot more nerfed than before, so it’s not as big of an issue as it once was before. You’ll still get melted by 2+ lancers though. The new problem is that the gnashers damage range is crazy strong, so you can get grazed by a few lancer billets, and by the time you reach a dude you get one shot downed. Gnasher fights are basically a joke now because it’s usually just 2 shotting people from pretty far away, and the fights end before they even get a chance to begin. It promotes a very defensive play style and makes pushing people very difficult because pretty much whoever gets the first shot is almost guaranteed to win the fight, and 9/10 times the person being pushed gets the first shot. You cant play off people shots anymore because it basically takes one full spread and a half to down from like 8 meters away. It’s just really annoying going down and dying before you even get a chance to do anything because the gnashers firing slugs now. If you’re up against 2+ people just forget about it. We do have stun grenades back though so at least we can actually safely push now.

FFA now has a ranked playlist, not sure if that will fix any of the connection issues, but I think it will be a bit more competitive if that’s what you’re looking for. The spawns aren’t really gonna change due to the nature of the maps and the gamemode. There’s no set spawn area or team to spawn on so you have to be a little lenient when it comes to that.

I hear that the new ranking system is good overall, but there are a few problems that TC are planning to fix soon. To read them go see the What’s Up July 23rd. Most common complaint seems to be queue times once you hit gold in some modes. As for the lop-sided-ness, you can still go against a full stack if you solo queue. I don’t know if or when they plan on limiting teams in ranked, but hopefully it gets done. The problem now is that the only gamemode they should allow for a 5 stack was Escalation, which was removed from ranked. If they let 5 stacks in KOTH then it will be much of the same problem because KOTH is the most popular gamemode. Maybe in Gridiron? Btw, if you haven’t played Gridiron, I’d give it a try. It’s a great addition. Anyways, at least you can see player ranks and who’s partied up now.

Guardian has returned to its previous version, where teams respawn at the set spawn points and switch every 90 or so seconds. Leaders have an ability that pulses the entire enemy team and reveals them to the leader, but I believe it also reveals the leader who pulses as well. From what I’ve heard, this new version has been very well received. I’m glad they realized that flipping spawns was what made previous guardian modes so much fun. For now it’s still in quickplay but I have a feeling they plan on rotating it into ranked sometime in OP5 or maybe late OP4.

Everything really. Shots dont even register half the time.
YOur basically fighting the game to move around. Nothing about this game is fluid anymore.
It literally feels like your MOVING IN MUD

ITS BEYOND SAD. Im a die hard fan. Its the only reason i have an xbox. Its the only game i play. Yet i honestly dont want to play because i will just be pissed off when i get off very shortly after getting on
I could be playing right now. Yet im on here trolling and watching the european gears esports.
Im watxhing a gamemode THAT I CANT EVEN PLAY. WTF IS THAT BS???

I have this bs 30 day boost with 18 days left. I dont even care about the TOUR OF DUTY. Whats the point of getting skins etc etc if you dont enjoy even playing it. Its not enough for me to ignore all the bs in this game.
I literally just got done INSTALLING GEARS 4
But i dont want to play it because that will mean i will never play gears 5 again because I wont be able to get just how sluggish gears 5 is even more.

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Thanks for the detailed response! It sounds to be pretty much the same as around the time I took a break, except they made it more difficult to push with gnasher changes. Game mode changes sound promising.

That’s unfortunate, do you know if they made specific changes to movement? My bounce and overall movement was pretty good before I took a break, but the game never felt quite as smooth as 3 or 4 to begin with.

I think I’ll re-download and just keep my expectations low, hopefully I can convince a few friends to do the same.

Sir. Its noticeably slower.
Just play for 1 or 2 mins. You will notice it with 10 seconds.
Im not trying to sway you at all. Just play it for yourself
Come back and let me know what you think.
If you thought it was sluggish before and you quit during op.2 you my friend are in for a rude awakening. Op.3 was bad enough.
Honestly the game feels even slower than it was at launch. Pretty sad when you think op.1 was/ is faster than its current state.
Plus on top of all that. They took all the game modes out except koth, ffa and 2v2.

I’ll hopefully re-install it tonight or tomorrow, I appreciate the warnings. The movement was one of the few things that felt rewarding to work on in 5, even if it wasn’t as effective as previous titles.

Will post an update once I do get to play a bit.

Still trash. Ever more so now because in ranked there is no actual scoring anymore.

I’m enjoying it, I stopped playing after gearsmas 2019 and just came back like last week. Horde and escape feel the same but I hear that’s changing next update

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There’s a little issue with movement at the moment but other than that it’s pretty good

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If you are interested in Horde/Escape, I would recommend giving it a go, those modes have got better for the most part.

But if it is just VS then your question has already been answered in this thread.

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I’m having a blast in vs. I say go in with an open mind and you may be surprised.

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If you love the game it’s enjoyable.

If you’re a cry baby from the start… well… maybe that’s your attitude for any change in life…

My suggestion is just to play it & find out for yourself.

I find op4 totally awesome. Just want TDM back but my attitude isn’t going to be all emo just because my modes gone. Plenty to appreciate & enjoy.

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-Hey, is it worth coming back?
-Kids that don’t know how to play the game: “It’s trash, you get crossed, you can’t move and you always get destroyed by the gnasher. With this new changes, you can’t get out of bronze I swear.”

Funny thing is that everybody I know believe the game is soo much better now. Give it a try and see for yourself

I’ve never had more fun playing gears to be honest

To each their own I guess

The damage active reload removal on the lancer is the best thing to ever happen.

That’s for you to decide man. Come back see how you enjoy it. We got a new store that gives out content now got some new maps and characters. Guardian was removed from ranked but they are testing a new varient of it. Ffa is now ranked koth is still a sweat fest however lancer was nerfed so see how you do. Game still mainly plays the same doe. If u get bored of pvp doe be sure to give pve a try it got a big update recently that changed how some characters work.

I personally don’t like pvp at all right now doe with the networking and screen difference. Where people don’t even shoot where you are and you die. Plus the gameplay is very boring to me it’s run in die respawn in koth and the fights normally don’t last long at all it’s just run in shoot one or two shots die or stay back lancer lancer lancer.

I left December '19 and started playing again after Op4. Having a blast now, I think the game is really good, fun and skill-based these days. So yeah, I’d say it’s worth coming back for sure.