Worst Map In Gears 5

Who else thinks Vasgar is just the worst map Gears has ever had the displeasure of having? The map is great if you get sniper but boring as hell if you don’t. They map usually just turns into a lancer battle where pushing almost always results in your death while the snipers have a blast getting easy headshots left, right, and center. It’s also rotationally symmetrical which is cool but the side that can easily provide sniper cover for the Lancer GL is far superior to the side that can easily provide sniper cover for grenades. I just finished a game where halfway through I just decided to sit behind cover and wait for people to come to me because all I was doing was wasting my team’s lives when I was actually trying to play normally. Every time I did get a kill the inevitable lancer hellfire alwasys finished me off resulting in a trade at best. We ended up winning after I started basically not playing but it was the most boring ■■■■■■■ match I’ve ever played. I’d much rather have a game where I lost and had plenty of fun gnasher battles instead of this hot garbage of an experience.


Worst map in Gears5 is Icebound imo.

It brings out the worst in people (camping, heavy lancer play). Due to environmental hazards (ice), half the map is close to unplayable if you’re up against a well coordinated team, and the position of the two “towers” just makes it worst. It doesn’t help that you can get a troll on your team who will purposely shoot the ice under your feet just for the lols.

Vasgar does have its flaws, but Icebound’s flaws heavily outweighs those of Vasgar’s imo.


Bunker is the worst to me. But yh, Vasgars almost as bad

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Vasgar and bunker are terrible

Bunker for sure

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Bunker is easily the worst map in gears 5. At least Vasgar provides some opportunities to use the gnasher.

Vasgar is like a blood from my eyes, icebound have a beautiful look, but plays boring :frowning:

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I used to dislike Vasgar too, because the linearity and limited weapon selection. It makes spawn swaps pretty annoying but I think it’s fine now.

Bunker I think is the worse map in the game and icebound is right after.

Vasgar is the best and district the worst

I really do not like ANY of the gears 5 maps but if I had to rank them from best to straight trash I would say the map with the trains is okay… but everything else is terrible, especially vasgar.

I think vasger is a nice map for koth.
I think i am playing the best on training grounds but do not realy like the looks.
I hate icebound

I think it depends what modes you play, I think Vasgar is okay for KOTH but District sucks, it’s too long and too many straight lines with little cover makes the rings harder to push… and I really don’t like All fathers arena. It’s just a lancer fest…


Truthfully, I think all of the starting maps from G5 are pretty terrible. Allfathers Arena has been a nice change of pace though, IMO.

It’s a close call between Vasgar and Asylum for me. If I had to pick one it would be Asylum.


At least we can be well TRAINED in the Asylum! :upside_down_face: