Worst horde system EVER! Awful gameplay experience

I still don’t get why they didn’t put map selection in for horde.

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They should just add classic horde when you could pick your characters and just had to pickup what you find none of this gimmick hero locked character rubbish


What I find sad is that horde 4.0 was really good. Just needed some tweaks to be awesome.

Then TC said screw that and started completely over lol

All of it trying to avoid speedrunners.


It’s a shame they couldn’t have just taken the bad bits from gears4 , improved them and given us a better revision of gears 4 horde in gears 5. Instead of scrapping everything and starting from scratch. I played a ton of g4 horde but so far looks like g5 is campaign and done, will be the least time spent playing a gears game ever. Plus side is its on gamepass so if they ever fix the problems it’s easy to return to. But in gears4 we had to wait until spring i think it was to get a horde focused patch to make that game batter and they didn’t fix hardly anything everyone was complaining about, and all the same complaints are being voiced over g5 horde plus new ones. I just dont’ get it, is TC not capable of learning from past mistakes? Sad really. I’m not mad, i’m just disappointed.


I honestly feel like most of the issues are due to them trying to avoid speedrunners.

Nice touch … started a match , put me in with all bots… and STILL changed my character :ok_hand:


After the story I will not be playing it either. I just can’t finish the story because it’s still broken I am waiting but atleast there is 4 still for now, maybe they will make it not work anymore after awhile though? I would play older ones but 4 has more people on it than the old ones and is on the game pass thing now so that’s neat.

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Speed runs are still active. They’re just not as fast as in 4.

I thought all 5 games were on game pass?

Yep and the game has only been out for what 2 weeks now? Crazy ■■■■ lol

As it progresses too they will get faster and faster.

This was my initial thought also, but then I read all the posts on this forum about how they’re just copying some other children’s games…
Plus I realised it’d probably take people all of 3 hours to figure out a new method (if that).

I think so ya but wouldn’t most people play the latest ones? IDK I have only seen people play the 4 and 5 game now unfortunetly but that is only the friends list I’ve seen.

And when I do the look for games it doesn’t seem to be finding many, I tried to play it with two people I know awhile ago but it was only us for the whole thing. It was the football map. Maybe it is different now?

There are things to get in the 4 one to get for 5 too so I guess that was my thinking with it.

4 wasnt great at all…the best player shouldnt be the one with a repair tool…most boring selfish gameplay known to man…speedrunners with 0 skill lmao…horde players needed a seperate mode where fabricator didnt have sentries/turrets/strikes…yep lobbies for HORDE players.

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going to say this again.

for as many complaints about other players, we have 75 replies in this thread. why dont some of you get together, communicate, and judge the horde fairly based off playing with 4 other people working together as a team. maybe even converse and have fun ?

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Mitigating sentries and engineers is very very easy.

You just have to kill everything before it gets in range and if the engineer starts tying to take over the map - then allow things to be destroyed.

Heavys and snipers are made to mitigate engineers.

Moral of the story is don’t be one dimensional. That ruins the experience for everyone. If you don’t like how the game is being played - maybe you need to adapt your gameplay - not force everyone to adapt to yours.

just saying not everyone needs to be sentry and turret spammed…happy to let these players do there thing…just dont force it on others…its not being one dimensional either…unless ur a speedrunner

Honestly I never cared what the engineer does. It’s just as easy for me to build my open weapons locker and take it away from the sentries and almost totally defeat an engineers defenses.

If they want 50’sentries - go ahead. They have limited range. I can reach further with my dropshot than they can.

Like I said. Don’t be one dimensional.

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    I absolutely  love the new horde !   I only have 1 day 7 hours played so far , but myself  my wife and 2 sons are having a blast with it.   We find using a jack and fully leveling  up the forge is a great way to gain more resources.    

       I see a alot of complaints  about things like lack of ammo that have built in solutions in the game.   I notice I have these problems  when I play with a random team with no communication  ,but I never have these problems  with my family  and we work together. 
     I have enjoyed all horde modes and this is my favorite  so far.  

as i said is being one dimensional asking for a seperate lobby with reductions in the fabricator a big ask…im fully aware of what sniper and heavy are capable of…

Then how can you say the most powerful player is the one with the repair tool? If you know what snipers and heavys are capable of?