Worst horde system EVER! Awful gameplay experience

Nah, the complaints were never to the same degree in 4. You have horde vets with 5000+ hours saying this version is the worst yet. The complaints about 4 were usually centered around certain strats being too powerful, but there were ALWAYS multiple strats that worked very well, even in speed runs.

Gears 5 horde is incredibly bland at a high level. Yes, at launch Gears 4 horde was far from what it is now, but even then it wasn’t as awful as 5’s launch. And I agree, Gears 5 horde can be salvaged. It’ll require substantial changes in order to improve it enough so that it doesn’t feel like a downgrade from 4, but it can be done.


Damn a.i runs past me when I’m down to revive another a.i when everyone but me leaves, what’s not to love?

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i enjoyed it more when you have a capable team of 5 that communicate. which is the problem with horde mode. it’s hard to enjoy it when nobody else talks, plays lost, and drops after 8 waves.
edit: the public lobbies are the best way to go when it comes to finding said groups.

in another note, the AI needs to be commanded somehow. sometimes they just go full on dumb. have them gather power, defend the fabricator, etc.

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You don’t really need to talk on 4 horde, even in inconceivable. So long as everyone knows their role and performs it ( and doesn’t quit!). Obviously, it’s better if everyone does talk, but it’s not really needed if you know your class and work as a team. I don’t even know which classes my teammates are in the new one.

I don’t understand the idea behind the taps either? Are we supposed to build fortifications or wander around the map? I’m just not getting the vibe to play it, especially after hearing you don’t get anything for re-ups.

The forge deconstructs weapons for power, not much though, although the one I created (as jack) I couldn’t upgrade it for the full 50 waves…
If you are jack you can fly and res teammates easily, he is one of the few things I do like in this new horde.

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I guess I have the unpopular opinion but I’m enjoying Horde 4.0 for what it is. No where near as much as Horde 3.0 mind you. I think this Horde could be better if TC put effort into making improvements such as: making the AI bots smarter, fixing the ammo scarcity situation, fixing the heavy weapon VS smaller weapon balance issues, and make base building more engineer friendly. There’s just a lot that needs fixing.

What I DON’T miss from Horde 3.0 is on the higher difficulties the enemies become walking tanks with laser beam sniper precision damage. At least in this horde you can switch some of that ■■■■ off.

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LoL this

“The problems I have encountered were players fighting over which character to play as leaving people to dispute and leave sessions.”

I legit just leave a match if I can’t play as kait because nobody else appeals to me and as I need to get her powers up I deposit very little back into the Fab which isn’t fair for the rest of the team I know but nobody seems to communikait anyways so it feels like a lone wolf venture in the first place. Granted I won’t touch power taps I’m at least that considerate.

Horde is nowhere near as hectic as it was in GOW 4… What’s that about? I was expecting pure carnage.


This is why.


Directer : Rod Fergusson
Producer : Christi Rae
Designer : Matthew Searcy & Ryan Cleven


Directer : Chuck Osieja
Producer : Walter de Torres
Designer : Mike Rayner


The Hero system is the worst design decission I have ever seen in a Gears game. It takes away all the fun in horde. I feel forced to play as characters I totally hate because all my favorite characters/classes are already taken. Why do I have to constantly play as a character till I reach max level when I in fact want to play my fav the whole time? I unlocked the gilded Kait for 1 reason: TO PLAY AS HER IN THE HORDE MODE!!! I have not even played as her once in the whole time!
Fix it or I will stop playing Gears 5 very very soon and call Gears of War a dead franchice when it comes to the multiplayer.


I just played a game as Del on Advanced difficulty and left before wave 40. Only 1 person was actually

depositing money while the rest did fuckall. I tried to be a team player by buying at least 4 lockers. Only

ended up buying 3 because there wasn’t enough in the fabricator. I bought 4 sentries too. Even had them

placed in perfect angles to shoot everything. 4 was enough for me so I wanted to save money to upgrade them, but

everyone else decided to fend for themselves and not deposit. I had enough of their bs so I left. Looks like

I’ll only be playing as Del with friends or when I eventually play on Masters difficulty.

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The ammo situation is so irritating. It just ruins everything. You can pick up two full ammo boxes and not even refill the 17 bullets in the sniper rifle.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Weapon lockers seem to refill ammo slower than 4 also.

So TC want you to beat horde with:

  • barely any ammo
  • barely any power
  • barley any defenses and if they do exist, they’re low level ones.

It’s so disappointing. Gears 4 horde was great. It just needed some tweaks. This version of horde is one step forward and two hundred back


me and my friends start building once the first power tap appears in wave 11 and to counter the absurd low ammo we only build lockers in wave 1 - 10 and once the power tap appears we all grab a locker and move to the new location

it’s still BS but that’s how we are addressing said BS lol

I just don’t see this Horde being played as much as Gears 4 Horde. Once I complete a few achievements from it, I will be finished until they come out with other achievements for it. Just not a fan of how it is. They may have listened, but they listened and went in the wrong direction.


That was a mistake too by having people use the power for themselves.


100% agreed…Should just scrap the way they have made it and put it back to how it was in GOW 4 but add even more chaos…


It has actually made me want to install gears 4 again, just so I can enjoy some good horde.

I uninstalled it about a year ago after I got sick of the crashing bug. Looks like that’s resolved now, so it might be time to go back to it.

I’d much prefer to stick with gears 5 though, if they fix the glaring issues with it.

The fact that they didn’t even mention our feedback and only addressed the versus feedback was extremely disappointing and I think that tells us all we need to know. They have no plans to change it


That strategy works, but I’ve had people quit because they didn’t understand why the fabricator was moved.

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i got a question on escape mode skins if we dont make in top 1, do the skins get replayed on a previous week or not

Right! How did they not see that coming?! I was watching a youtube video showcasing Gears 5 Horde and I mentioned that I saw no fortifications and that I was worried that people would just spend money on themselves instead of building a base. Low and behold… I was right. I loved being an Engineer in 4! In 5… what’s the point.

You can’t build anything because you have no money. And this ammo starvation nonsense… even in Campaign I noticed it happened a lot. So I should of known it would of spilled over into Horde & Escape modes. Escape is ridiculous. Almost no point in even bothering.


Said this in another post

Should buff all class cards
Should have in game perks actually have a visible effect on your game - instead you pay 6k or something energy for a 1% boost.
Should make perks only able to be purchased with contribution points they get these by depositing energy and helping the team at a 1:1 ratio.
Should have a few more passives per class
Make it so we can actually play as any person… like you know… gow4.

You’re supposed to get better every iteration not turn a game into steaming turds.