Worst horde system EVER! Awful gameplay experience

The whole game (never mind just horde) had been made too arcadey, too much like COD. It’s on the whole just not a good experience.


The Coalition really seems to like this kind of gameplay because Escape is literally entirely based around it. It doesn’t work in Gears at all. Extreme ammo starvation is generally not a fun gimmick, and only works in very specific survival horror games, and I’d say, not very well even in those cases.

In Gears 4 horde, a good Sniper, Heavy, or Soldier could use a weapon of their choice within their skill set (precision rifles, explosives/heavy weapons, and ARs/grenades, respectively) the entire game without fear of running out of ammo. It simply required good accuracy and basic mitigation steps like using an ammo card or having two locker slots to generate ammo.

Now the game is build as many lockers as possible very quickly and load those things up with Trishots. They still have low ammo and regenerate slowly, but they do enough damage that with enough of them, you can overcome the unfun ammo starvation gimmick TC pushed.

The way skill cards work in Gears 5 horde has to change. Damage cards need to affect classes of weapons not individual weapons. We need stuff like explosive weapon damage, not boomshot damage. And the effects need to be noticeable. I don’t want to see +5% nonsense. All handheld weapons should generate a little ammo between waves without exception. This would be a step forward from even Gears 4 horde. Cards that increase total ammo capacity, and again, per class of weapon not specific weapons, should also increase this regen factor.

The individual buffs players can spend power on in between waves are stupid and should simply be removed.

Gears 5 horde can be salvaged, but the first step requires TC acknowledging they made fundamental mistakes when they were thinking up Gears 5 Horde originally.


My experience is that some players dont even know what the locker is for. They run for the ammo box constantly though there is empty lockers available.

They are in for a lot of running when the dropshot only carry 4 shots.


Your last sentence is 100% spot on man.


and is it just me or the drop shot seems slower?

the timing is off for me


Yesterday, after finishing the campaign on Insane without unlocking the achievement. i told myself it was the time to hit horde! I joined into the lobby, pick Kait and 5 secondes later, was forced to pick JD because the host picked Kait…
So yeah… that suck
We have to wait 3 month for new characters… the game might be already dead


it will be dead


I can’t comprehend the reasoning behind some of the changes they’ve made.

Weapon selections at the fabricator are limited by class? Why?

Classes are married to a certain character? Wtf if I don’t like that class, or that character?

Can’t play as two of the same class/Hero? Why the hell is the starting selection so tiny, then?

They’ve removed a lot of the intuitive, incentivised need for teamwork. Engineers are going to starve, since most players are going to drop energy on personal upgrades. Roles are much less defined or obvious.


100% agree with everything you’ve said.

Between-round buffs might work somehow, but as-is I absolutely hate the concept. They make for a miserable engineer experience and encourage less teamwork. Maybe a free choice of minor buffs once every 10 rounds?

Ammo starvation is frustrating, as is getting multiple lockers going when nobody wants to contribute to base defense.


Tonally it’s lighter. Less gritty, brighter colors, increased lighting. I’m not a fan of the health bars and damage numbers in Horde and think they contribute to the arcade feel.

Playing Horde in 5 for the first time, my friend’s first impression was a comparison to CoD. I don’t think it’s 100% accurate but I entirely get the sentiment.


Yes, the timing is really different from 4. The clean headshot is harder to get with the dropshot, when trying to use it as in 4 that is.


From my perspective, TC listened to some of the complaints about Gears 4 horde.
Over reliance on scout and engineer, boring turrets and the real downfall of horde, sentry spam.

I think its great that the engineer is starved of power unless you’re playing with a coordinated team in a custom match.
Nobody wanted sentry spam all over again except the speed runners and custom matches still allow that style of play if you want it.

Im enjoying this new horde because it feels fresh, wasn’t interested in playing Gears 4 horde all over again.

I do have a couple of issues that bother me: Its a bit harsh to have the survivor modifier at the second difficulty. It makes public matches a crapshoot if you’re looking to complete all 50 waves. Should have been a modifier in the middle difficulties.

My other issue is that I’ll pick a character that nobody else is using but it switches me to a random character at the last second. When the match starts nobody is using the character I had originally chosen so Im perplexed by the switch.

Horde 4.0 isn’t perfect but its a breath of fresh air to me and I look forward to seeing where they take this and Im excited to see how things go when the hero roster gets filled out with fan favorites.


Almost nobody is complaining about sentries being nerfed in 5. The problem is that handheld weapons have been nerfed, both in terms of damage and ammo. The Trishot is king. It’s basically early Gears 4 turret spam but with Trishots and lockers instead. The only classes that matter are the Engineer and Jack. The differences between the rest are novelties at best because if you want the game to go even remotely smoothly on higher difficulties, you’re using a Trishot/Mulcher/Salvo. Always.

In 4, a Sniper could carry with an EMBAR all game if they have the skill and inclination, a Heavy could devastate with a Dropshot or Trishot, and the Soldier could grenade plant and clean the rest up with buffed ARs. You had many very viable options on how to play with minimal fortifications even on Inconceivable.

In 5, it’s Trishot spam or you’re doing it wrong. Such diversity.

Mitigating fortification reliance in a Gears 4 style horde would have been easy. TC proved they could do it successfully with turrets, they simply never really pulled the trigger with sentries. They nerfed them slightly, but the nerf was primarily to level 4 MG sentries. Level 3 actually got a bit stronger post launch. Lol

The Ultimate Ability system would have been perfectly fine in an expanded Gears 4 system. Each class would have an isolated slot for a single Ultimate Ability out of a pool of say 3-5. A maxed character would have 5 normal slots, and a single Ultimate Ability slot. It’s not complicated. The wheel didn’t need reinventing.

Gears 4 horde was immensely popular overall, and it NEVER received the level of backlash 5 did. People had issues with it sure, but it was largely enjoyed since it offered so many different ways to approach it not only successfully, but fluidly.


I don’t understand why they thought having the option to spend power on yourself rather than the teams fortifications is a good idea? I’ve played several matches so far there has been very little to no teamwork, everyone just spends power on themselves.
I like jack though he is cool.


Not true about Gears 4 horde not receiving the same backlash. It’s early on in Gears 5 yet, but Gears 4 horde still had complaint threads made here up until 5 came out.

Top complaints:

Turret fest
Sentry fest
Power pickup
Too predictable
HOD spams
Salvo fest
Camping is boring
People not choosing important classes
Speed runs
Map rotations/ lack of voting
No join in progress for public
And on and on…

We went through multiple revisions, nerfs, improvements and added skill cards along with a higher difficulty level.

Much of what I see in Gears 5 is the response to the complaints about 4.


yeah but i’m complaing about the lack of ammo and being forced to play gears of war like its overwatch with “heros” with there speacial ablilties and pre-desided loudouts with little to no characters to choose from and even if there was a large cast off characters I couldn’t play the ones I wanted to cuz someone else might be playing as that character so no ur argument is a good one and is correct but its not the same as gears 4 this isn’t horde its a new overwatch wanna be with 50 waves and the name horde slapped onto it.


Agree on the ammo shortage. That should be updated ASAP.

Not sure about comparing it to COD or other games. It has obviously grown more similar, but it still has its unique flair.


yeah I know wat ur saying and like i said i do agree with the point u made earliar its just why limit the amount off characters at lanch when lets say gears 3 had at least 20 at its launch and with full freedom to pick ur starting loundouts and the charcaters if they wanted to drasticly change horde mode the least they could do is to give players two versions classic and gears 5 horde


I definitely would have liked to see more characters and the ability to vary loadouts. Looks like characters will come at a cost. Not sure that loadout changes will happen as it would require some rework.


I Have only played a few just to learn it and in realty know one is talking on the mic to make a plan. so unless you are a team of Friends you can never do 50 waves on higher difficulty.

I really still do not understand the furnace and the rings and how that is supposed to work. moving a base once its set up? How do you do that in 30 sec.

with everyone running around lone wolf style and the maps so big if they go down forget trying to save them.

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