Worst horde system EVER! Awful gameplay experience

First time i start a Horde in GOW 2-3 -4 i stay on the game minimum 8h straight with a big smile,
I buy a 360 for gears 2, i play gears 2 and 3 with my friends for over 10 years, i get a second 360 with a second screen to play with my ex at least 5h per days for 2 years …
In this one after 3h i can’t anymore. This is a waist of time. I really do a big thanks to my friend for this game (gift) but tomorrow i will see if he can be refund.

so to be simple, my friend offer me a cdkey of gow5 saying to me :
" You really need to test horde by yourself " and i have tested, it’s simply awful
After more than 8000 hours in horde i was expecting something good because GOW is not new and after almost 14 years i was thinking they know how to do things. I was hopping at least something fun.
I never be so wrong in my life.

  • Keeping the energy DO NOT help the team to create defense
  • Map are seriously ugly and unreadable and looks plastic (the new maps are bheuuuu)
  • The gamplay is A.W.F.U.L, it is worst than i have anticipated
  • The skills are useless, i mean you can simply take off this option no one will be shocked
  • The number of amunition is absolutly stupid (way way to low) when you pick up a box or a weapon on the ground. And because engineer do not have money to create lockbox…, Everybody fight to get the amo box.
  • The auto random is one of the most awful idea i ever seen in any video game in history
  • Marketing everywhere (sarah connor, halo, what next pokemon ?) Even the blood splat have FORZA …PURE SHAME!
  • Enemies pop are ridiculous & predictable
  • What the point to custom a character if you can’t play with it
  • Specializations are pure jokes
  • Even the interfaces are non user friendly
  • There is NO MUSIC in horde mode … remember gow 2 and 3 with amazing OST ? Here you get NOTHING.

Horde in GOW are D.E.A.D, they simply destroy something who was good and simple.
ATM this looks like any battle royal in TPS or any bad TPS into the market.

they said : “we will do a gameplay close to bring back gow 2 feelings” WHAT A JOKE!
this opus is an insult against any fans of GOW. It’s even worst than judgment.
This is far away as gow2 as possible. Do you have ever play GOW 2 “marketing people” ?

This is a pure shame, a pure non sens, a pure waste
i will send tomorrow to all my friends on xbox and pc a message to AVOID THIS GAME like HELL.


Yeah, aside from Jack and the AI teammates (which are executed badly but are a great idea), Gears 5 horde is a gigantic leap back from Gears 4 horde. And those little baby steps forward do not compensate for all the BS.

Skills are way overnerfed from Gears 4 and the in-game perks are under-tuned, Both are useless and everyone will end up using salvos and tri-shots out of lockers on higher difficulties since they do by far the most damage even when you are maxed out on your class stuff. What’s the point of maxing out AR skills and perks on marcus if the tri-shot is always more effective at the baseline?

Speaking of the other classes, Engineer is frustrating and unfun to play in randoms because people don’t deposit (gotta save up 7k for that +1% damage lmao). Scout is unimpactful and may as well just be removed. I honestly don’t know what class is actually fun and interesting to play as in horde any more besides Jack. Everyone else is just there to deposit 90% of their power and sit on tri-shots. Great gameplay.

Ammo is way too scarce. Horde is about shooting ■■■■, not fighting over scarce ammo like its some survival horror game. Perks should be more impactful and not cost power, but use an exp system of some sort. The Scout passive needs to actually matter or should be flat out removed. The Fortification cost scaling is stupid and should be removed. Most of the things they added are just taking the game backwards in terms of overall enjoyability and playability. And I haven’t even touched on the very poorly received class lock system that was changed to line their pockets with sales of new “Classes” at the expense of making the game extremely user unfriendly. They can’t even be ■■■■■ to not match up multiples of the same character.

Overall the Horde 4.0 needs really big changes. As it is right now its a huge downgrade from pretty much all the previous versions.


The ammo and power situations are the worst for me.

Also, why do fortifications keep going up in price after every x number of waves? This is with the mutator turned off too. Doesn’t make sense


Horde 2.0 is still THE definitive experience. Imigine it at 60fps.

The latest Horde is without doubt the worst, I will take Survival over this any day.

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Agreed. Especially with no one depositing any money you can’t afford anything anyway! It’s annoying.


Kait’s bleed is absurdly overpowered, you can drop heavies and bosses in seconds. Literally pick up 100k+ damage in seconds, especially snatchers and crriers.

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Yeah, I started a thread regarding that building gets more expensive over waves. I thought it was going to be like that only on higher difficulty but even on lower it gets expensive pretty fast. Paying 5000 for a level 1 barricade after circa 30 waves is a little to much in my opinion.

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I agree 100% with wat ur saying but my main propblem with this version off horde is that ■■■■■■■■ class system forcing us to play certian characters, While missing about 20 other characters like the cole train or any of the carmines i mean wtf are they all doing before meetings please someone sort this ■■■■ out.

I’ve been playing since gears 1 and have preorderd every gears since then and hordes always been my favorite mode till this ■■■■ fest All I want is to be able to play as any character of my choice and if i wanna spawn with a retro lancer and a gnasher then let me, how have u brought this game mode back to judgment quality is down right depressing.


Especially as this version of horde gives you so little power compared to gears 4


Power who even cares about that when ur fortifications are useless now and if u wanna use certian wepons then u can pick one of…12 charcaters who the TC hand crafted locked loudouts for with no way to change said loudouts so good luck playing horde with any sense of freedom or choice cuz TC wanna kill this horde mode so they can prob do a fourtnight cancer one instead.


I hear you. There’s so many issues with horde right now.

Which is disappointing, as it has the potential to be great.


At first I was in total shock of how the Horde became to, but after jumping in custom sessions to aid randoms in their struggling, I have found several answers to my questions:

  • How can someone survive Horde Wave 50? Simple and Easy, don’t jump higher difficulties until you’re prepared with both skills and experience.
  • How are we going to split Energy? Splitting Energy should be per convenience as it’s earnable now. Communication is the essence of winning, Engineer could shout easily to scout to deposit more power, plain simple…
  • What is the best team’s combination? In my opinion, don’t play a Horde match if Engineer, Scout, and Jack are not available.
  • Who could help the team the most? Scout and Jack. Without them you’re screwed.

To Be Continued…


Noble Guardian quick save ur self leave gears 5 now while u can

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I’m only being constructive about how to overcome some problems in the current horde, and I’m in favor of fixing current Horde as per OP’s suggestion.

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Then it’s not too late to for u then and yeah i’ve just finished my rant on the judgement mini game

its a real shame thou horde could of been amazing

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you can succeed in this horde if you play it like 4 where all the power should go to the Eng to build and forget this nonsense of moving you base for the power taps but if you do that your character is so underpowered and limited in ammo without leveling up your perks

Horde was unplayable 4 in public

this is IMPOSSIBLE in public nobody deposits guys playing as Jack are out hunting for kills and don’t revive



I totally agree!

Focus on building a forge for Jack so Jack can focus on collecting weapons for the forge. Build weapon lockers and fill them with RS-4 and Tri-shot and you are safe home.


yeah agreed but most Eng will not build lockers at all

  1. they have limited power

The problems I have encountered were players fighting over which character to play as leaving people to dispute and leave sessions.

Second, when everyone else has left a matchmaking game and you want to invite a friend into the session they cannot join the game to help you complete it.
Beginner on wave 50 is not beginner level at all.

Third, the a.i. Is incompetent as hell. They go down easily causing you to babysit them. Pretty horrible and flawed.

I don’t know what The Coalition was thinking, but they ■■■■■■ up pretty bad to cause such player backlash. Hopefully they fix it, if not there are other games worth my attention, money, and efforts.