Worst game on pc i have ever had to play (not joking)

I said I should not be penalized just because the Mexican government allows their “broadband” to be lower than true broadband specifications. That’s not hating on the Mexican people - its saying I shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences for their crappy infrastructure. They should have to.

Our politicians are worthless too. But at least I have true broadband internet and don’t ruin games for others. If I was born there I’d be stuck with garbage internet but that doesn’t mean others should have been penalized just so I can play. Can’t cater to those that cause the majority of issues. There was a period of 5 weeks where my internet was so messed up it was probably on par with internet in Mexico. Guess what? I didn’t play online games just based on principle that I wouldn’t ruin matches for others. Thankfully, those issues are now gone because I dumped Xfinity for Gigabit Fiber.

Hopefully you can see the difference but if not then oh well. I am not going to argue with you on something that won’t go anywhere. There are plenty of people out there that experience the same thing I do and feel the same way I do…

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No HDR on PC which kinda sucks though

PC crashed for me 3 times today. All while I was roadie running, and not shooting or even had anybody else on my screen at the time. Just plainly running to a weapon pickup. It usually crashes 1-2 a week for me but 3 times today. I’d look into the fix that Alice posted but I’d be getting my Xbox back soon and won’t be looking back on the PC for a long while.

No idea why the PC version didn’t get a patch for HDR.

I’m pretty confident 5 will have it on both.

But even without HDR, it just runs so much better. Xbox version is all choppy and headache inducing at 60fps.

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Do you think the next gen Xbox will be above 60FPS ?

I believe if you were born there, you’d be posting about rangos… AND playing on crappy connection too.

Imagine if this keeps on 5.

I don’t have the source, but it was said all modes would run 4k60 fps on xbox.

Ummm, missing one person?


I guess if I didn’t understand that my internet was garbage and ruining the game for others then sure.

Most of these high ping warriors in the higher ranks talk so much smack as if they don’t realize or care to admit their connection is causing major issues. If their infrastructure isn’t up to par they shouldn’t be playing with those that do have solid internet. In the end, this issue falls on The Coalition and should have been addressed ages ago. But the reason so many people, myself included, mention Mexico as the problem [and not the Coalition] is that we’re frustrated that such a large part of the fan base can screw up the whole match for everyone else. I’ve been in so many matches where the player with high fluctuation was sponging everything while also causing sponging for other players too. It was an inconsistent mess to say the least. The moment this player disconnects all of the problems went away. Movements became fluid and shots registered consistently. Well, only for about 3 minutes. Once the player rejoins the whole match turns into a crapshoot again which only further points to them [high fluctuation players] being a major issue.

To be clear, I’ve always said I have no issue playing with people from around the world. I have friends on Xbox from as far as Australia and France who are awesome to hang out with and play games with. But none of them ruin my experience, even on Gears, like a player from Mexico does. Believe it or not, a player from countries such as Japan and Australia with 200ms ping causes much less issues than those from Mexico with an 80ms [low point] ping. The reason? Stability; the one thing Mexico players never have. If they get this I’d be fine with playing them as were all living beings on this earth that share the same passion for Gears. Just don’t ruin my experience to enjoy your passion.

Coalition is responsible for matchmaking, no?

Sure, but when you can point to the players causing the most issues it never hurts to mention it. Because it’s too late in the game to rewrite the coding and add filter toggles to search based on connection the only option is to actually block these players from specific servers. If you don’t mention who these players are then you’re barely giving any information to them to improve.

The best solution is to designate a server to the country of Mexico. They have enough players to keep the game going. The USA and Canada can continue to share severs.

Trust me, I wish this issue didn’t exist. Do you know how many friends of mine refuse to play versus because of this problem? Shame on The Coalition for allowing it to continue for so long. But much of these issues wouldn’t exist if their countries ISP was required to provide more bandwidth. When I can look up the average Mexico connection in 2018 and it’s much worse than what I had offered to me in 1999 there’s definitely reason to be annoyed.

If you choose to disagree with any of this that’s your right. I’m not here to argue with anyone on an online forum. The only thing I want is to be able to enjoy Gears without other players being able to ruin every match with their connection issues.

Yeah, it’s important to point out the problem. Repeat it 1000 times is what sores the eyes.

Like myself complaining about sentry spammers on horde.

Yet it’s not fixed yet. They won’t even acknowledge it. Most complaints wouldn’t even be mentioned daily if they would acknowledge the issue and let us know what they’re going to do to try and solve it moving forward whether it’s for Gears 4 or Gears 5. Instead, they make excuses over and over again by saying it’s not an issue or that lag compensation doesn’t exist.

It’s probably pointless but one can’t stop pushing it if they want to see a fix. Being from Illinois with a 100% Gigabit Fiber connection shouldn’t give me all of these issues. It’s a shame Gears is the game I chose to love otherwise I’d be playing something else by now. These problems are unheard of in the other big games.

Ohhhhhhhh right. Forgive me :grin:

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I’ve always found it slightly confusing that we have the same user picture lol. But I can’t figure out how to change mine, so we’re kinda stuck with it🤣

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Oh, and what’s even funnier is that my GT used to be GhostlySeeker.

Well, the current One X can do 1080p/1440p @ 120Hz so I’m really hoping that the next Xbox will be 4K 120fps capable.

Even 1440p 120 Hz is better than 60 Hz.

It makes a huge difference so I’m hoping HFR gets pushed as I know TV manufacturers will be focusing on this for 2019/2020 models.

HDMI 2.1 is a big step forward for this as well as it allows uncompressed video for such high resolutions and frame rate.

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Game has been out for over 2 years not just 1