Worst daily objective is

Any objective that says win a match on a certain map is very annoying. You have to get lucky enough to have it come up and get it selected and lucky enough to have a good team to win. It could honestly take days to complete. They should remove this objective.


You can achieve these via the quick play co-op vs ai option, choose beginner difficulty and you won’t have any issues winning the match.

Still can take some time to get into a match on the appropriate map and I personally dread getting Vasgar as for me this rarely seems to come up/get voted for by other players.


should be removed as its a variable you cant really control.

Launching the game.

the one needing to do 50 waves of horde. Though you can cheat it by doing a custom match starting at wave50 but that’s pretty tough to do solo.

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It coming up is the biggest issue. I backed out of co-op versus games for 40 minutes before giving up and just staying until the map came up.

Took about 2 hours in total before I got asylum to finally rear its head

I got so lucky last night I only had 20 mins to kill and I needed a ice bound victory. I loaded straight into ice bound on a quick play vs mostly bots. It does need to be removed or they at least need to make daily objectives on a 12hr scale this 24 hour is BS, at least it will be twice the amount.

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Map victory is literally the best objective you can ask for. It’s three stars for nothing else than reloading Coop vs. AI a few times until you get the correct map. The actual worst ones IMO are anything asking you to collect power in Horde. Those aren’t tuned to be even close to a reasonable time requirement.

I’d say worst daily objective is 9 escape chapters, The Surge being so short helps out a lot, but you can still spend longer from my experience playing Escape to fill that than hoping for RNG for a certain map especially if you’re queuing solo for Escape and don’t want to just tone down the difficulty for an easy win with no other rewards attached, in versus you’re at least earning everything in a baseline amount or as others mentioned easy enough to do in Coop Versus. 20k power in horde can be an issue too depending on the team you have. If you have a Jack collecting during the wave it can be a real chore to get the power needed to complete though it’s easy enough to do with Kait in low difficulties thanks to her overpowered damage values the fact she gets more power from close kills and when you have the objective you can just put her quality of life pick-up radius on.

You can use the lobby browser for this one. Open a lobby and label it “wave 50 only for challenge completion” or something like that and others with that same objective will join.