Worse than buying sentry before barriers

I didnt think it could get worse but the engineer bought a forge right away on turbine on a 50 round, i promptly booted and restarted the match

With 3x damage and 2x health modifiers

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Was this really worth making a post about




Feels like there are 3 ways to play Jack

  1. Offensive Support - Hijacking and stunning enemies (my favorite)
  2. Support - Floating around teammates waiting for downs, brings ammo boxes and weapons.
  3. The Neanderthal - If the Engineer doesn’t buy him a Forge he’ll do it himself.

Funny thing is - one of the best engineers I’ve played with has bought a Forge for their first purchase.

You can buy a level 1 Forge and wait to upgrade it after buying a few barriers first btw

If you fail with no barriers, chances are that 2-3 barriers built forst wouldn’t’ve made a difference especially with aggressive enemies.

If you agree to a Forge Jack, you just gotta endure the first wave set a bit more challenging. And everyone needs to help bring weapons first 10 imo. Just slows down the game and isn’t really necessary tho.

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Who is playing as forge jack……


Its very map dependent, 3 barriers could keep enemies at bay and it also usually prevents them from shooting you

I always tell people no forge when im jck, and even if i wanted it, i would never ask for it before barriers or lockers

The only time i buy a forge is on accident

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I would say it is.

There are plenty of people who are new to the game or stuck in their ways from when the game first came out.

Its been shown many times by even the most average team that a forge it not needed. It just wastes so much time.

If players cannot get past the first 10 waves on master without many fortifications (when no forge is built), they should maybe play on an easier difficulty.

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I always preach this: if you can’t survive the first 10 Waves without Barriers maybe you should try to lower the Difficulty or play a “Barriers not needed Class”.


I never buy a forge before anything else even if I know the Jack wants one—there are more important priorities than a forge in the first waves.

I normally build three barriers, left, centre and right and a level 4 locker before a forge.

All the power and barriers in the world aren’t going to help you if you have no ammunition to kill enemies with.


There’s a lot of truth in this.

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many Engineers make at the start of a game is to focus on barriers when they should be focusing on lockers.

Barriers do not keep enemies out, all they do is slow them up long enough to be killed, but if you have no ammunition because you have no lockers, you can’t kill them.


How many waves should an Engineer wait and not build Barriers on Frenzy?

On a 1-50 game, if there are Blademaster, ammo regen Demo, execution Nomad, Infiltrator, Anchor, tackle Brawler, Jack, Tactician, Striker, Slugger or Protector, basically any classes that do not need a Locker, how many waves must an Engineer wait and not build Barriers when no one needs a Locker, still 10 waves?

Uh… Level 3-4’s do keep them out and kills them, especially on Frenzy with starting 10k and whatever modifiers. On 1-50, in first few waves, you would be right.

Very few enginers with more than a solitary micro brain cell make barriers higher than a level 1 in any mode in the first waves.


Yeah, this is what the first what, year, of G5 Horde was about, right? Forge, forge, forge, and nothing else is bought until forge is level 4…

But that was when JD had 8 shots in the GL and Kait had 1 pellet bleed from across the map,

I sometimes do as a meme when with friends.

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Lol, we usually have about 5 forges by the end, haha, we buy them whenbthere is a crap load of $ in the fab at the end of the game…

While certainly not a meta anymore, lest we forget there is an achievement tied to forging. Got to help people get it somehow.

Miscommunication or simple differences of opinion on what to buy and how to play horde seem to pervade the forums.

Mics aren’t the answer always. Titles help. Maybe there could be a system for Gears 6 that helped communicate host wishes. Remember LFG for Gears 4. Seemed like that allowed much more detail in game wishes. Assumes people can read though.

The custom pages for Gears need more options.

Like #noforge or #sentrymeanskick

You can’t buy a Forge right away on a 50 round, it’s like 3 waves before you have enough power and that’s if everyone deposits

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In fairness the OP said right away and not first round, but your math is also correct.