Worse since the update!

I didn’t think it was possible, but this game has gotten 1,000,000x worse since the update!!!

Iost points on every game yesterday.One where I got almost 3x the amount of kills than deaths. Also lost most my points on that game in the round I did best on.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a kill with drop shot and grenades, literally impossible. Drop either directly beside an opponent and it either doesn’t kill, or just disappears altogether.

Today, WOW!!! Just WOW!!! Played 7 games, finished bottom of ever one with a kill to death ratio of 1:3 on most. Point blanking opponents only to be killed and be told I’ve done 8% damage, shots not registering is horrendous. Rapidly going down the rankings.

Controller has almost been smashed numerous times!!!

Is it the U.K. connection? Just really bad servers?

Whatever it is, needs to be addressed and quickly. We paid for the game and in game content the same as everyone else, so why are we being punished with ridiculous game play???

Because the beating heart of the game revolves around greed and MTs, and the game itself has been developed by a studio that isn’t up to it (regardless of how hard they work and how much they like Gears).

No chance are they working hard!!!