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World First Full House D5? (Season 4)

We need to mention input lag difference between Xbox and PC, the input lag is the biggest difference

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This is true. Input delay is a definite thing. It’s hard to tell the difference it makes when FPS/draw are also in play though.

Also the low ping <3

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I’m going to give Gears 4 PC another try too.

Hopefully it won’t freeze on me :+1:

382.53 is your friend

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Thanks, I will try it with them :blush::raised_hands:

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Yeah 382.53 is the driver version to use for nVidia cards.

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Working fine and not had any freezing so far :raised_hands:

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Can I get confirmation from @the-coalition @TC_Octus @TC_Vectes please?

I would like to know what’s going on too :+1:

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It’s been like a week and a half with no word from them :confused: I even reached out on twitter but haven’t heard anything.

I guess they have launched a full scale investigation and will have a report made on what’s happening for clarification I guess.

Well i’m sure they are pre-occupied with the previous season full house d5 achievers at the moment. I just want to know lol. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find out i would think

Maybe tomorrow because they do what’s up on Mondays don’t they?

Nah it’s on Thursday’s if memory serves. The E3 was an oddity that they just made as their what’s up.

Ah ok, fair play.

4 days to wait then :+1:

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One more maybe!! Come on TC!

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Well, seems like they’re not giving out the Imago after all

Nope. Not for Season 3 and absolutely nothing for world first full house d5 for season 4. Good playing with you guys, i’m done here.


Dang that sucks bud although I am a just a regular old diamond one player… I kinda feel your pain

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