World Cup: England v Croatia

Hi chaps, ladies
Totally un-Gears releated, well actually I could tie into the Horde/skins event I suppose, although somewhat tenuous…just like the Horde/skins event :laughing:

Anyway so tonight ?
I’m going 3 -1 to us and after the match I will be using my London skins with Sam and going a KOTHing.
To the fellow WC fans on here, enjoy the game.

Lol Kane will extend his golden boot lead by scoring 2 more times… from the penalty spot :wink:

Will he be the first player to win the boot on the back of penalties ? Lol…

To be fair, you do tend to “earn” penalties by constant pressure in the box and by what is governed to be a stopping a clear chance of scoring so…

I totally would rather see screamers from all over the park of course, but generally that is not international football, we will see soon enough though.

Re Kane et al, I’m an Arsenal fan, so it somewhat sticks in my throat, but I tend to try and think of them as England players