Workaround for people who can't play Atrium in Horde

Ok, I know there are different treads for OP7 issues and feedback, but I feel like this is a pretty major bug that’s preventing some people from actually playing the game and earning the Relic set, so I think it deserve it’s own tread.

It seems the Atrium map shares some files with the Campaign, meaning if you don’t have the Campaign installed(either from the install manager or the SP_ACT files on Steam) then, as soon as you boot into it, the game will simply fail to properly load it and return you to the main menu with a “You have been kicked from the game” message.

So until this issue is fixed, you need to re-install the Campaign if you want to play on Atrium.


Thanks for the workaround, seen a few people mention this so hopefully this helps TC narrow down the bug :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be too hard to be honest, it’s just a matter of “what exactly is the game accessing when loading Atrium, that’s only in the campaign files”

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If that’s the case, then surely it’s the Relic weapons right? That’s the most obvious campaign asset that features in Atrium.

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It’s possible, however, the Relic Dropshot is available on the Ice Queen Escape map so I assume all Relic Weapons assets are included in the Multiplayer files.

I could uninstall the campaign then go to my weapon skins and see if selecting the Relic ones makes the game crash or something similar.

Edit: Just tried it, all 19 Relic Weapon skins render without any issues wile having the Campaign uninstalled.

The weapon skins don’t have gameplay changing features associated to them, whereas the Relic WEAPONS do. Big difference, and it may well be why Atrium doesn’t work without the Campaign installed.

Ah, you might be on to something. I don’t think I have the campaign installed. Didn’t bother after having to reinstall 3 times in 2 months.

Will install and report back!

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Just curious; why do people even bother uninstalling parts of the game? Same with “ready to play” when games aren’t fully installed yet. Nothing good ever comes out of that. And it’s not like 100GB is that much space, especially compared to another company who loves bloating their filesize to 200-400GB.

I was having issues with load times and other issues. On my 3rd install, I just never bothered installing the campaign as I have 100% completed it. Then never had a reason to install it since.


It worked. Thanks!

First time posting and you came up with the solution to a bug affecting several people. Good work.

Hope TC gives you get a reward or something to encourage this kind of behavior (because let’s face it, TC needs all the help they can get).

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100 GB is rather a lot actually for someone like me who is too cheap to replace a functioning, if small, HDD. You are correct though that “ready to play” should be renamed “ready to fail” and that with current development practices it’s not very surprising when parts of a game breaks after a seemingly unrelated bit is removed.


@ChestHiWalls see if this helps.


Not everyone has a huge hard drive attached to their console, and many areas are now capping internet data usage. Installing the full game could limit your data usage for the month, or eat up very valuable space.

Plus, the Series X requires Series X games to run on their faster SSD, and a spare card for that costs over $200. Thinking long term, if someone doesn’t need to play the campaign again, uninstalling it while keeping the other stuff is just smart.

With “ready to play”, I use that for fighting games. When MKX came out, my brother and I started just playing and learning characters while the rest of the game downloaded. Super useful, actually.

Much appreciated! Thanks for tagging me, I hadn’t installed the campaign because…well it’s trash. But I just did! Thanks again!

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Yeah… Installing that :poop: solved the problem for me, too.