Wondering how many will get the RAAM Challenges finished

Last night got 1million, Last weekend started co-op(act4 now) and re-up2 here. No giving up!

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I have the ru-up 10 achievement and the 1 mil points achievement but I’m having trouble getting the coop hardcore one . My game wont register me beating the only chapter I have left and I’ve beaten it multiple times…
If anyone has any solutions/recommendations please post on this thread: PLEASE HELP: Guided RAAM challenge achievement issue


Just wondering can i do the hard core co-op on my own with second controller as a guest account. I know its slower, but with that work?

how fast can this be down if you skip cut seen and do not use second guest controller.

just trying to find the best solution as i only need the hardcore co -op

Just look at prior achievement completion percentages. Most of them have roughly a <8%* completion rate. making nearly every single achievement since the first update listed as a rare one.

So, not many people will get this one finished either.
Even in this thread there are people scrambling to still do the since-launch-day coop achievements which stack for this challenge.

*Edit: Percentages have increased slightly since I last looked.

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Not sure how you will make it through the motorcycle scenes like this. It would work for a lot of it though.

Took like 6 1/2-7 hrs on my last run.

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downloaded the game about 2 weeks ago (PC) ! already got the one million points on Re-up 2 just need the co-op, i think ill get to 10 re-up LETS DO IT theres no double XP this week tho

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2 weeks…If you do get this challenge, then you might want to reconsider your life goals…

Finished it tonight

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I would be amazed if you can do the bike section with one idle pad. I tried a few times and never did.
There are lots of players online, hopefully they will help.
Good luck though.

I got the Emerald Gear in 9 days… :smiley:


Yeah people are quick to yell St the R10 requirement, but it’s fgfor the players and R10 is much easier than 6-9,000 kills in versus and even compared to Wings.

Yea, but the Emerald Gear counted both downs and kills, so it was really closer to 4500 kills rather than 6000 kills, and you at least got partial credit if someone stole your kill.

Still, props for finishing it so fast. I don’t remember how long it took me, but I spaced it out.

ill have to reconsider my life goals…because i can probably achieve Re-up 10… you must have a lot of friends . IF i want to grind whats it to you ?

OT : they need to just make everything DOUBLE XP theres no way im grinding to 10th like this,

Hahaha. Nah man. I ain’t got no friends. Just messing with you

Finished this afternoon,I’m absolutely shattered😴

Is anyone else having trouble with the million points progression? Mine is not advancing at all and I’ve played four speed runs Already, plus a couple of hours in multiplayer.

My RAAM challenge isn’t tracking on my Xbox One achievements? Is this a known bug?

@ xVTx Tori Yeah, I’m having the same issue

got mine the second day of the challenge

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I got it on the first day challenge.