Wondering how many will get the RAAM Challenges finished

Horde or versus?

both lol. but primarily vs. Long time btw, congrats on becoming a mod, when did that happen?

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I was a mod on the old forums for a few years, and then rejoined the mod team on this one maybe a month or so after this forum launched.

Obviously, for horde speedruns are great.

For versus I would recommend finding a decent group of people to play with and try to smash out games. As long as you are performing well, earning ribbons you should be able to make it in two and a half months.

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Oh crap, I had no idea lol. Ribbons you say? hhhmmm, that gives me some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I have very few gears friends these days sadly since i’m not really that active of forums anymore, and the ones I do have got their own regular people they play with instead lol.

I don’t think I’ll get it in time because I’m still trying to beat the game solo

Co-op hc aint very Hard. I started with my friend Last weekend, we played to end of act 4and tooked about 5hours. My friend i played with havent played gears or console games in 5years and even he managed pretty good. Were going to finish it some other day

The ribbons are what usually stack up and give you good XP , though in Horde it’s about difficulty and consecutive wave bonus. As others have said, Inconceivable Ironman speed runs take ~1 hr and can net you ~350-400K XP with the XP bounty depending on how any ribbons you get (and if you have the owning map bonus).

Think about it this way, to get to Re-up 10, each re-up is only a little over 2 million XP (goes up each time). Most of us got our 1 million XP in just 3 speedruns, that’s just 3 hours. That means in about 6 hours you can get an entire re-up done. And you’ve only got 4 re-ups left to go. That’s ~24 hours spread over just over 2 months, even 1 game a day for less than a month and you’re done.

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intriguing… but just to be clear, you mean to tell me that you can do waves 1-50 on horde, inconceivable ironman in 1 hour consistently? I can barely do it on insane man. VS I can do, but im gonna need a hell of a stack team to pull that off dude.

Yes, absolutely. That’s pretty much all I play anymore (when I play). And if anyone is in high Wings that’s how we got there (I’m Wings 6 after having pretty much taken the last 3 months off this game).

There are a lot of Speed Run veterans on the forums and if you can’t find anyone, check the LFGs. There are also clubs where you’ll find people willing to teach some of the easier maps to learn. Most of us don’t have time to do a 3 hour Horde game, so we’d rather do 2-3 one hour speed runs a night instead. Anything less is, frankly a waste of time (same time to do a lower difficulty for less XP and credits so it’s not worth it to do anything less than Inconceivable Ironman).

If you are interested in learning more, message me and I’d be happy to introduce you to some people and clubs, just make sure you have a mic and are willing to work as a team. Despite TC’s hatred of Speed Runners, it takes more teamwork to pull off a successful Speed Run than it does to play Horde normally.

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yea I’d be down for that :slight_smile: I had a look at a speed run video last night. I now regret making sniper my only lvl 10 class.

Hit me up if you’re interested in speedrunning. I know the majority of maps and roles; and play with several groups who also do speedruns.

The majority of speedruns are done with one Scout, one Engineer, one Sniper, and two Soldiers (grenade build). The cards are broadly the same, but sometimes one Soldier takes the Hammer Of Dawn. Some maps like Mercy, War Machine and Lift) allow for a Heavy - so one of every class.

Lift Apex is arguably the quickest speedrun, but Rustlung is probably the easiest (as there are no specific positions that players need to stand in).

Relic, Speyer and Slab are arguably the hardest ones.

Also if you’re looking at levelling up other classes with speedruns in mind I’d suggest Scout or Engineer. The cards you need are all greens and blues.

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Fair play to you guys and girls that can stomach speed runs. I hate them. Would rather actually play the game/mode.
3.O is not geared for that anyway I suppose, what with anything above Hardcore meaning you just sit back and wait for the Horde to come to you.
Give me the original or even better 2.0 anyday.

For me it is playing purely for credit reward but absolutely nothing else, I have done 2 I think and that was me…
I think TC are in no small part to blame of course with the credit system and the fact you can earn thousands of credits per run.
and get to lvl 10 reup of course.

The character and skins are nice, so good luck to everyone.

I’m glad you can stomach playing 2-3 hours for one horde game.


3 hours!, not on my watch mate, I will give you 2. I just put on some Soundgarden or Floyd and enjoy playing. Not 3.0 so much. I have played around 13’000 waves of that though, just not for many, many months.
Stick some mutators on 2.0 and play one of the dynamic maps and 2 hours of fun :+1:

not happening for me switched over to PC and saw last time i played campaign was 10/7/16 only 35% on million points and game doesnt seem active enough to even try for it. ill be sweaty when i see those RAAM in GoW 5 .

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The campaign wouldn’t take that long, especially if you sit on hardcore and get someone else to play casual.
The Mil is so easy to get. I got on ranked KOTh in around 5 hours, Horde will prob be quicker.

The reup 10 might cause you a problem though, but there is the speedrun method open to you.

Alll this could be moot on PC though, best of luck anyway.

DO NOT TRY TO HYPE ME !!! bc i will fold for this game and ill try for it lol. Im still to stuck on PUBG my buddy asked if i was good at GOW and i downloaded again to play again with him and back on here but im really trying to stay away from the challenge lol


I am 93% on the one million and i am finished with everything after the last 7%.


Finished my last challenge (million points) on Sunday (24th) - just wanted to knock it out quickly so I can finish some games, mainly RDR2, before MK 11 releases.

I got it done the first weekend. I know my friend wants the skins but he’s missing all the challenges and is RU2. I told him it’s possible and I’d help but he’s already given up.