Wondering how many will get the RAAM Challenges finished

Yes it can., but some sections need a second human, thinking the bike section for example

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Had no idea how easy it would be to get the XP challenge. I didn’t play a single horde match nor did I look at the tracker. I didn’t think I had played that much when the achievement popped. Now I have to go through the campaign. I think probably around half or more of the dedicated gamers will get it accomplished. Seen a bunch on the activity feed already. Sad fact is, there will probably be really cool skins for Gears 5, and few will ever even use the weapon skins or Raam in 5.

I’ll use the skins right off the bat. Now I am hoping, instead of BS they have White Steel. The skins would look great with that combo.

One incon run jumped me %12 and 3 matches of social koth jumped me up another %8

I think im at %70 right now but we have a whole 3 months and I’ve only played for like, 5 hours total

I did about 2 hardcore 1 to 50 and 2 normal 1 to 20 in public i think and I am at 60 percent for the 1 million achievement then I am done it completely :smiley: Then I will just play Horde randomly again hoping people stay. Although I don’t play the versus part so the Raam thing isn’t very amazing for me. I’d like a human person too that would be nice.


Some might right at the start. Until something new and shiny catches their eye…

Got it yesterday. The only one that caused any trouble was the campaign one. Don’t have any friends so had to do it with randoms who would often quit if they died a few times. Also annoying when it wouldn’t place me in the exact chapter I needed sometimes.

I think a lot will get it but it should be substantially less than the number who got the emerald gear, ruby scion, golden gear, etc. This one at least requires that you consistently played online over a lengthy period of time. I already know someone who wants it but won’t be able to get it simply because they aren’t anywhere close to reup 10 and don’t plan to stop playing fortnite in order to binge Gears for the challenge. I like that at least with this challenge only the most loyal gearsheads get rewarded. Still bitter about the Griffin challenge which I missed that was stupid easy and now costs $15 to get.


I was surprised how quickly i got the 1million points playing 2v2 bagged approx 60k each match.

I got the million points before I beat the campaign co-op. I kept getting messages from people asking about the skins.

The skins don’t excite me but I figured it would be nice to have something unique when Gears 5 drops since the basic characters and skins will probably suck. I didn’t think many would bother with this but wow, co-op campaign online is bumpin right now. I went on at 3am and found teammates in literally seconds. There’s going to be a lot of people with these skins in Gears 5.

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i feel like a large portion of the versus communtiy will get it

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Very much agreed on this as a dedicated versus fan glad the Reup 10 was part of requirement feel acknowledged for my time put in…makes me feel like my levels matter like in old gears where levels unlocked skins

Just need to finish Acts 4 and 5 and Gilded RAAM is mine
Re-UP 10 :heavy_check_mark:
Million points :heavy_check_mark:

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Quick question, I’m currently sitting at re-up 7 level 49, think I’ve got time to hit 10 or is it a bit of a stretch?

It’ll be fairly easy especially if you play Horde. As an estimate, it should take you around 5.2 million XP. Remember, from the time the challenge went live we had 80 days which takes us up to around early June.

Inconceivable Ironman speedruns waves 1-50 with the maximum XP bounty and season pass bonus will net you around 380,000 - 400,000 XP, and only take an hour. Even if you play Horde normally it will be quick. And TC have been chucking in some XP events for Versus too, and I expect there will be more between now and the challenge deadline.

Check out this spreadsheet which gives you a breakdown of how much XP between every level, every Re-up, and every Wings. Click on the XP tab at the bottom (there’s multiple tabs covering different things including credits).


Very helpful information, thanks for that

If players have the campaign and reups done (or close) it won’t be much effort to unlock it.

Took me about 4 hours of play to get the non retroactive challenge done.


I’ve got co-op campaign left to go. Hopefully they will do 2xp so players have a chance to reach re-up 10.

I unlocked it on the first day. It’s so easy I may end up doing it on my second account, would just need to do the campaign part as I already did the 1 million XP on my second account last weekend helping others do speed runs.

As for your original question, probably not more than 5% of the player base. That’s just looking back at the previous challenges. Even Griffin or the Classic Golden Gear didn’t get much more than a few % who bothered to get them. That’s a shame because this is really an easy challenge if you’ve been playing for a while and TC is finally giving us earnable rewards.

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4 re-ups to go, it’s not looking good for me :confused: any tips on earning good xp besides using bounties?