Wonderful USA weapon skin set!

I couldn’t help getting these omen skins (USA version)…pretty awesome! Thoughts?

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Is the Lancer GL part of this? Otherwise, I feel certain members of the forums who have dubbed it the “Freedom Lancer” may be slightly disappointed with this inclusion. @GhostofDelta2 @ll_R_E_D_l

Not sure if I should summon them here but here goes.


Perfect skin to deploy liberation missiles with :wink:


I don’t think so… missed opportunity.

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I was not serious and aware this is only for loadout weapons. I thought this would be obvious.


Just needs an Uncle Sam Top Hat skin to go with it.


And a sound cue every time the grenade… sorry, liberation missile goes off loudly announcing “America, f yeah!”… within a certain radius of the user, of course, or we may end up with another Private Casan Laugh emote at our hands whenever there is a JD player in a Horde match.

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RED literally made a Freedom Lancer montage with that song during the beta.

I remember that one. But I haven’t actually watched it…

Edit : On an unrelated side note, there’s not much that feels better or more satisfying than launching a ton of tiny explosives at or taking an enemy’s head off with a Longshot for Lizzie to follow it up with a “Surprise, suckers!”.

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they also added the Mexican version of those skins !!.

however I’m kind of sad that the freedom lancer was not getting any love from that . if the store would sell to me a mexican skin for the freedom lancer I would just pass over the credit card my friend !!

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I also called it like that " THE FREEDOM LANCER " :smiley:

Best Gears of War weapon ever !!!

Doesn’t Lizzie have a line along the lines if “I think I had an uncle who died like that” when she gets a headshot?

Not as exuberant or stylish as the UK ones, but then how could they be :wink:

We seem to have inherited “your” Boltok skin though.

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That’s for a weapon jam. “I think I lost an uncle this way” preceded by something I have not been able to make out what it is yet(really should think about turning subtitles on for that stuff…).

No disrespect,All the sets look cool OP,I did say in another thread,I couldn’t afford a set but now I can😍still not decided yet which set😎

So goood

■■■■ yeah!!!
Omen skins do look dope though

Picked them up myself as well! And I’m not even from the US… :joy: