Wonder how many randoms enable text chat/xbox personal messages…

The text chat is buggy in that sometimes a post won’t appear until sometime after the post was sent. I’ve had posts show display up to maybe 30 seconds or a minute after I send them, and likewise sometimes they don’t display to me after the fact when sent by someone else.

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No, this guy was a total penis. The BM was only using 1 emote (group up) throughout the 1st section and middle finger in safe room but not over the top and also they were using hannah who is very polite.

Perhaps also straying from the original topic :slight_smile: but I gotta ask about this comment, since it’s another recent mention: are people really building L3+ barriers far out in your games?

Like “most” when engineering, I almost never build them except for strategic mantle spots (usually not a normal fight location). I admit that these days in mid/late game on some maps like Allfathers Arena I’ve started to block the three stair entrances to the base since for some reason I’ve been encountering too many runs where Scions aren’t getting sufficiently handled at the copious wires there and outward while everyone’s focusing on flyers or bosses or something. (?)

And sometimes melee classes (myself included) might hang around those entrances/chokepoints, but I’d expect an actually good melee expert to frequently be out considerably farther than that (particularly with Allfathers Arena tap spawns). Do you object to L3s on those steps, as an example?

FWIW regarding the original topic, either way I’d react if you complained about them in text chat in English. :slight_smile: And I’m actually surprised by how many randoms I see producing or reacting to text chat, given the default. But I do agree that my experience suggests it’s probably not cracking 50%.

I haven’t ever noticed a delay like Lightblade47 references.

Not super-far out, but most engineers I see push up a high line, so the base tends to cover around 1/3 of the map (which for the record, is absolutely fine and what I would normally want and recommend. I hate it when people build small bases where everything and everyone is packed up close together).

What I normally do as a Blademaster or Infiltrator, is to push far out and move around the middle of the map; sometimes even moving into the opposite spawn. Thing is, there are instances where the base is under pressure where I come back to base to help out, so my starting point for my next attack can be from within the base.

The last 10 waves can be especially tough and risky for the Blademaster due to the extra 2.5x damage. If I’m not confident with my team mates (i.e.: if I have reservations about their ability to complete the wave without me if I die from being too gung-ho; or if I worry about the potential revive-situation where my team mates run out like lemmings to revive me and get downed themselves) then I’ll play more conservatively and only move around outside the base for short periods - usually during my ultimate. If I need to charge my ultimate I’ll use flashbangs on enemies approaching the base to create openings, kill them and once my ultimate is ready I push out again. Level 3/4 barriers can really get in the way of that.

Do we get “newer” players :wink::thinking: I think we have all been here since forever :wink:

played yesterdays asylum as a demo i asked in chat to mark enemies twice and even messaged the split screen duo, still no marks😒

Considering how I still get reup 1/2 players joining Master runs at this time, with a level 4 or 5 class, and very obviously no clue how to play the difficulty… I’d say yes.

It doesn’t offset just how dead it is, though.

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There is a text chat in the game!? :exploding_head:

Steam has a sale on Gears 5 now so some friends got it.
So yeah, a few new people at least :slight_smile:

And it’s bonkers that text is disabled by default, but xbox players seem to have their mic on by default…
So many games where you have to mute them manually right at the start. And it’s not like they are actually using them, just spewing background noise/music on it…

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I play between 5-8 games of Control daily and have not heard any coms for months, maybe even a year. In game chat is usually used for being slagged off…


Ah I haven’t played in about a years time so maybe they have changed it for the voice coms. Excellent if they did!

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FFS - in an Escape lobby. One player joins and asks if I’m there/ I reply yes. I then ask shall we start or wait for a 3rd? They simply reply “yes”.

“Yes” to wait? Or “yes” to start? :neutral_face:

Well, I chose to start, so we’ll see where my 50/50 gamble leads…

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So how did it go?

There’s a lot of anger in this post. I like it.

I’d have taken all Dropshots by shooting it once and taking another.

Turned out okay with this guy. Took a few attempts before we were in sync with what we wanted to do. I had to message again to say that I wanted to use the far stairs as a chokepoint (as Nomad - chainsawing enemies as they came down and causing Fear to hold that position while he - Tactician, used explosives from a distance). By that point we had several 3rd players join anyway. But this was where the fun / bother started, so in many ways we’d have been better off the two of us.

But on the topic of text chat and communication, GOW players are truly stupid. We’d both message the many 3rd players who joined (and were later kicked) to leave the venom fans (none of them were playing as a venom-based class) and it took a few restarts befote they actually stopped activating the first fan.

However for reasons unknown, they would still activate the fans at the end of the corridors. Honestly… I had to kick two players for that (and I gave them both chances).

The first 3rd player was a Medic and when we were in the second corridor they grabbed the Dropshot and Boomshot too and refused to drop them for the Tact. They were a reup 4. Had to kick them. They weren’t ready for master.

As I said, we’d have had better luck as a duo. We made it through though.

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Had I known the outcome of the encounter beforehand or predicted this occurring… I absolutely would have, before putting one empty Dropshot back in, just to teach the guy a lesson.

Would it have been petty as all hell? Absolutely. But no worse than his tempter tantrum and the reaction of my supposed ‘friends’.

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I’d have openly laughed at his weak temper. Pitiful.

Petty, maybe. But fully justified.

Had an angry pc kid telling me i was mad because i couldnt buy a rtx(whateverthefuckhesaid), and that i was broke cause i spend all my time playing gears and that he was that rich he can destroy anyone.

My reply’s
All the tech and ur still :poop:
Money cant buy u a win.
Shame u cant buy skill.