Wonder how many randoms enable text chat/xbox personal messages…

Many randoms I meet usually ignore both of them when I type lol, wonder do they turn on it or simply ignore

Noob is not terrible, noob but don’t care others is

Could be any of the following

  1. They don’t have it on (upsetting that its off by default)
  2. Different language (not everyone will speak English)
  3. They don’t care (Actions speak louder than words)

feel like If I get handled in a match and someone calls me trash, replying will only let them know I’m salty. Best just ignore them and win the next chance you get.

Well, I had to kick someone yesterday who was max reup from a Horde game because they kept planting and throwing shock grenades (as a Veteran) despite me using the text chat to ask him not to (twice). Their gamertag made me 99% sure they’re an English speaker too, so either they have text chat disabled or they didn’t care enough to listen. Either way, kicking them was totally appropriate. :sunglasses:

I have it activated but as you said it is almost never useful. 90% of time, nobody answers when I write something.
Yesterday I had a reply from a player and the text was only symbols. I wonder if there are some bugs between langage coding.

I suspect many people who do have text chat on don’t have a keyboard, so rely on typing on a control pad which takes longer, so this may explain why some people don’t reply (as it would be midgame).

I normally get “gg” messages at the end of a game - probably from about 50% of people, but by then the game is over so is easy to stop and type.

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Haven’t played much horde in gears 5. What’s wrong with planting shocks as veteran in horde? Genuine question.

If you’re talking about the in-game text chat, TC turned it off by default because of people being toxic. So you have to go into settings and manually turn it back on. So newer players may not even know text chat is an option.

It was purely because I was playing as a Blademaster and was moving around the map alot, so it was purely because the shock effects stun me and this massively hinders me and stops me from attacking and restricts my movement. Basically any close-quarter-combat close that moves around the map alot are affected by shock grenades. If there wasn’t a CQC class in the game then I wouldn’t have cared.

As a side-note, level 3 and 4 barriers can also be a little issue because when the lasers are up, it blocks the melee lock-on so you can’t lock-on to an enemy and lunge and melee them if the barriers are between you. I also ask engineers not to build them, at least not in the areas I tend to roam.

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Grenades are generally fairly useless in Horde unless you play a Slugger or frags with Tactician/Demo/Gunner(with Concussive Explosives). With the exception of flashes(and some would argue smokes).

Shocks also just make playing CQC a gigantic hassle because TC thought it was a fantastic idea to make them stun teammates as well. Though Pepper said that as well. Their only good use is to short out a Guardian or Sentinel shield if the initial detonation goes off close enough to it.

I don’t bother typing on horde anymore. I play so little, it doesn’t bother me to educate new players.

I can’t even be bothered to trash talk on versus anymore.

My addition is simple.

I am surprised if I even see a random use text chat by this point. Most of them probably just have it off because “sAfE SpAcE”. And half of them just use it to tell you to start the match. Most of my text chat usage comes from using it to converse with friends… if I still get anyone playing Gears at this point.

I did the escape daily yesterday the warren, host was chronic(redacted) no callouts,
They were infiltrator, i was brawler and the 3rd who ive played with before a few times was a BM.

At the start the BM asked to wait for venom, i stayed back but the host ran ahead and left us 2 behind, we were fine staying back killing juvies without issue.

In the safe room the BM was giving the host the middle finger and the group up emotes, again they ran ahead but waited for me and the BM to kill the big juvie spawn after the 2 ammo rooms. So we get to the heli pad and the host is just shooting the BM, doors almost closed and yep host pauses the game and kicks us both.

Avoid this player. I asked why kick, no reply.

Could you PM me the full gamertag please? Id like to avoid them. I’ve got a small sub-list for pmayers who kick people right at the end of Escape games.

Brilliant, thanks for that heads up, Chris has now been blocked.

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You know the guy? Just curious. Don’t need the tag, I generally host myself now and only really play Horde anyway.

The gamertag looks familiar so I think I have played with them before (not 100% sure though). They weren’t blocked before, but they are now.

It would’ve been a bit embarrassing if it had been a person you’d added before. Though I would definitely not be interested in being friends with someone like that.

To be fair, if it was someone I know reasonably well and am friends with them then I’d find out from their perspective what happened. Not saying that regular forumers are liars or anything, but sometimes it’s a matter of perspective when it comes to disagreements etc.

But then I’ve got people on my friends list who I haven’t played with since even the GOW4 days so I’ve got no emotional or social investment in that relationship and would be fine removing them and blocking them without having that conversation with them.

I mean, one time I had to kick a guy from a Surge speedrun who was on my friends list. At that point we hadn’t even played GOW5 before - we last played together back in the GOW4 days. They used the forums a little bit, but they joined my lobby and started slagging me off through text chat for being a whiney b**ch for some reason. Now, I’m many things, but I can’t imagine being this! It’s odd because their history of posts on here were typically moaning about the game, but in that classic GOW fan vague manner. One might even say it could come across as “whiney”, but that’s neither here nor there… :smiley: Anyway, I kicked them and blocked them straight away. Apart from their gamertag, I genuinely couldn’t remember who they were because it was so long ago I last played and spoke with them (in party chat) so I wouldn’t be able to say what voice or accent they had, if they were UK, or US or anywhere else etc.

Based on the different posts, I think I know the person and IIRC was booted on the helipad from one of their games once as well.

The last time I genuinely blocked a group of friends because they became insufferable was from them defending a raging arsehat in Gears 4 who threw a giant temper tantrum when I took a Dropshot without using ammo when I just wanted to put a Torque Bow on a locker and didn’t know there was a free one around.

No, “Look, there’s a free locker to the right” or “Why did you take it?”, but straight to “Who took one of my four Dropshots each with 19 shots per weapon, let me be a super big ■■■■■ about it”. I was very tempted to use up all the ammo on it but didn’t, then left the party when he started ■■■■■■■■ about it(and me calling out the wuss he was) to people I considered ‘friends’ and they thought he was apparently in the right about being a raging ■■■.

Don’t care if you’re the best Horde player in the world and a no sentry elitist, I don’t want to have anything to do with you if you’re that kind of terrible person. I left the party, then got a message from another guy about how “■■■■■■ of a person I was” when we failed to Mr. Dropshot Master failing to kill a single Guardian on his side, and sent everyone involved to the block list. Don’t need that kind of toxic in my life.