With the introduction of Gears Coins, will we see the return of the Packs

Use your Coins to buy stuff from the Store, and packs for E-Sports. So why not Packs from Gears of War 4 too. I would love to see the return of the Elite packs.
Anyone else ???

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Edit: opinion change, see later post

Please no, luckly by the sounds of it they have no plans on returning the pack RNG due to how hated it was.

Is there any reason why you put it as Solution. No offense, but this is not your Post, and why The Coalition gives people to ability to do that is down right rude, just like the people doing it.
Not your fault, maybe, but it is not your decision to make. You stated an opinion, and decide your opinion is fact. There are others out there that think differently. Also, why would you think it would be the same packs from Gears of War 4.
I was not trying to be offensive, i just think ticking Solution is not the right think to do, especially since you are the first to reply.

Why do you want RNG vs guaranteed purchase? Packs can absolutely stay away as far as I’m concerned.


I didnt, and i cant so im not sure what you mean by this?

I didnt state my opinion was fact though?

Guaranteed purchase. What does this mean. Are you saying we could use our hard earned Gears Coins to buy sure things from the Store.

That is exactly what the new currency and Store are about according to TC.

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I did not know that. When i read the Post, i just glanced it to be honest, i tend to get bored easily. Distracted with the boring bits.
However, this is music to my ears. I like this idea, and to that effect, can not wait for its implementation. Thank you for that.

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Also it looks like they are removing the time constraint on stuff, everything they have in an operation will be avilible for the entire operation, plus theres going to be a permanent section, when the op end some goes into the permenent collection and some will go away for a bit of time, (according to the article), essentially it seems like scrap 2.0

Lol hated. Ok so how did this whole new iron garbage work out for you? You would prefer that over the “hated” credits that were much better?

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Edit: I was a bit too harsh so heres a better post.

Would I be against RNG packs with direct purchase, no, however i would be against them if they where the only thing in the store.

Hated iron since there was no reliable way to get iron, 500 a tour is nowhere near enough.

Plus I personally dont like FOMO, i prefer a system where things are in a New tab for a week then added to a permenant section.

I personally didnt hate credits the only part I didnt like was that you depended on RNG to unlock horde cards, if you could unlock horde cards with 2-3 times the scrap cost then i would have been fine with the system.

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I want to like your post twice image

Only works once sadly. Just like you’ll only be able to buy Islander Lahni once.

Unless you do it on two separate accounts, that is.

I’m really just being over the top and emo now. I thought Op 4 was going to be Meh but now I’m really excited

I need the balancing changes to be certain. It’s not gonna get me to play Lizzie more if all she’s good for is Tri-Shot spamming or using the Silverback.

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They need to nerf that stupid trishot. Make another scion that has it and only during boss/minboss waves.

They said most all skins n stuff will be available to buy with the new system and coins, that being said why go back to random? When the whole selection is there for you to purchase what you want using earned in game currency? Try not to walk to far backwards friend

EDIT: saw someone else clarified first. Maybe try reading whole updates before making senseless forum threads.