With Operation 8 coming to an end whats your customization total skins look like

I don’t have the none of the Escape Mode skins or none of the PvP skins.

image image image image image image

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Whose Johnny?

“Charity”-trash. Blocked the Esports store slot for almost 2months iirc.

Now, now. That’s not fair.

We don’t all have a clinical addiction to skins like you do.


Some person I regret not buying :pensive:

It’s a charity skin to raise money for Gamer’s Outreach.

Good cause, but at the time it was woefully promoted. I remember there being minimal information being provided to the community, so many of us didn’t even know what it was for, didn’t know what charity it was, what they did etc. It wouldn’t have taken them long to write a quick piece for the store to say “hey guys, this skin is to raise money for Gamer’s Outreach, who do XY and Z for kids who have to stay long-term in hospital” etc. But TC being TC couldn’t even do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


3,293 weapon skins… I remember writing on the original Gears forums the insane number of weapon skins available when Gears 3 launched!

Not a fan of weapon skins. I bought the 16 bit weapon skin set and that’s it. Never spent iron or coin on any others.

First time I have seen Glacial Kait and Jack. Never seen them in game.

Same could probably said for most owners of these, heh.

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It almost tempts me to use the skin. Now if I could also get some better lines than what Kait currently has…

Why tf do you have that Jack sin?

I thought you were talking about that Kait skin with that last bit, not the Jack one.

Never seen that it’s Johnny skin, looks sick tbh.

How did people get glacial armour kait? Ive seen before but i forget

I bought glacial ice kait off ebay. Its a skin that came with a pc gpu purchase. Paid $35 for it but it cost me 0 real dollars because I had a credit card reward that i redeemed.

I also have blue azure marcus for purchasing the Warden statue/toy from the gears store

Other then that only rare things i have would be the general rewards cosmonaut, lambent raam, trinity vrol, and op 7 general reward

Normally you’d have gotten it through preordering that Kait statue from First 4 Figures, iirc. Though you only needed the pre-order, it’d still be like 50 or 60€ with them demanding a non-refundable deposit you do not get back, even if you cancelled the order at some point.

I reckon that’s how people got their hands on the code for the skin without buying it completely and not going through E-Bay. Certainly is how I got mine.

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Thanks I remember now. I forgot there were 2 promotional skins for kait.

Missing a few toxic skins…

Which ill never see as TC are bums who are to dumb to release the full set.