With no tiers any more RANKED is BROKEN

Why pepole still playin i dont get it seriosly lol :grin:leaderborde in end of game is first of garbage when it supposed to be from beginnig of game …NO CARES about the leaderborde Second have you seen ranked rewards ??? is garbage AGAIN!!!and pepole grind For REAL !!! LOL …and last part RANKED crossplay on/off is gone …

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Ranks should have stayed IMO.

Even with the leaderboards.

I will never have time to grind them, but with Ranks, the focus is on Skill rather than Time.

Leaderboards are only ever going to be for people who have lots of time.


It’s just end game stuff, leaderboards take next to no maintenance and carry on forever.


I imagine people still play because they want to play. Not everything needs a carrot on a stick for people to play it. That’s like saying why did people still play ranked when they already had Masters.



Precisely. Defeating the entire point of the name.


Absolute lunatic right here. Lock him up and throw the key away.


Well I guess I belong in that cell block too, then.

I still find it amusing how people blame game issues and other things on what skins TC releases or if they have nothing left for them to go and chase after. Like if that’s what you play games for I would reconsider some of your priorities or if you actually want to play that game.

to add to that, crossplay hadto be turned on with the dead PC pop. that is all.

Just make ENVII’S reply the solution to the thread.

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With no tiers, there are only tears…


A bit dramatic

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Yep ranked is broken but honestly do you expect TC to do anything about it? Just move on and play for fun even if it means having gold or silver players on your team :slight_smile:

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Rank isn’t broken, it just doesn’t have skill based matchmaking. The population has gone down over time and so either you play same people in your group, if they’re online when you are, until you go up, or you get matches faster and play against true randoms. It’s not even that much a challenge. Majority of top skilled players are playing private matches for the pro league stuff, 1v1, or wagers.

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