With new crossplay, standed xbox1 don't stand a chance

With the new rules about crossplay can’t play this game, iv been left behind can’t get a new xbox for a while… Such a bad decision to have crossplay constantly on, iv been band more times in season 7 than the whole of gears 4 and 5. From rage quiting… Plz fix this.

These replies should be good

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As of right now you wont run into enough clickers for it to make a difference. If SBMM is tuned to the way it was, then sure, PC apocalypse is real and it’s here, but for right now it’s perfect. I’ve played 50 games, two of those had full PC stacks, thats 48 fun/fair matches.

…There are still players playing Gears 5 on the old Xbox One?


Nah it’s fine, it’s rare to run into actual mnk players

Yep. The Xbox one s is a very common console… a lot of ppl didn’t get an Xbox one x and wanted to wait for the new generation, but there’s quite a lot of ppl who now can’t get the series s/x yet due to stock shortages (still), so yea, there’s a bunch of ppl who happily play on older last gen consoles.

Can’t fault them for stuff like that.


Yep. I’m one of them. Never upgraded to the S or X. I’ve been trying to get a Series X for months now but keep getting beat to the punch by scalpers. And I have too much dignity to refresh a store page for hours or pay scalper prices for them. Probably just going to wait until the Series X is available in stores again.

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Just curious… why’d you screenshot and paste their message as a reply ?

Well, Gears 5’s Campaign on the old Xbox One is just…awful.
So I decided to play Gears 5 on PC with an Xbox controller.

Really? Outside of Launch day bugs/issues, I don’t have any problems with Gears 5’s campaign on Xbox One.


Exactly what I was saying a moment earlier.

Its still very difficult to get a series s/x. Bots and scalpers make this gen of console buying a nightmare. It ain’t fair. I feel for ya!


Look who’s typing at the bottom
I was expecting something witty but the dude came in here with facts and no trolls

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I gotcha. :+1:

But being serious OP is right
30FPS VS 120FPS IS sad
But hey
It is what it is

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I mean the graphics.
On the old Xbox One, Gears 5’s campaign is only 1080P,30fps. Everything looks blurry and the special effects are low. It’s definitely not a good experience.

I play on the original one all the time, it’s not that much of a difference.

I think it’s fine. If you don’t, that’s your opinion.

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Iv havd pc player In all my games, in stacks

I just went 30-0 in control for the night and we only played clicks in one match.

Must be a European thing, must be more popular here