With all these people screaming for more enemy-variety in Horde

I expected this screenshot to get more attention, really.

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I don’t think Scorcher drones would be very fun to fight, honestly. Totally harmless until they get close, and then they’d pretty much immediately kill you.


So, like Grenadiers then? I honestly think they would either be stupidly strong or really weak, but the visual confusion multiple Scorchers could create would be nice to see in action.

Yeah, pretty much another grenadier type, with the extra bonus that your screen filling with flames would add a layer of confusion to what’s going on. I think the game already has more than enough types of rushdown down enemies.


No disrespect to the community,I’d love to have this character added into horde/escape,Yes u would need to be alert,by marking or calling out over the mic.Loved the predator hunt

I saw this picture before. And I didn’t look into it because for some reason TC LOVES to make concept art or just some random art with enemies holding weapons they don’t use in the games. If they were going to make a Grenadier that uses the Scorcher why wasn’t it in the Hivebuster DLC?


Same reason we don’t know what happened to the rest of the locust or the removal of the gorgon pistol.

If TC thinks creating new enemy types are a lot of work, maybe just change the initial loadout weapons of the drones, imagos and grenadiers.

That would be acceptable.

Ah well you see its posted on twitter and I only go to the official forums to get my news lol.

Looks good. I always want more enemies in horde so ill take it.