Wish the Cyclopes had this from gears 2

Notice the illumination from the eye on the helmet. Such a cool and unique touch. I don’t think gears 5 Cyclopes has this. https://youtu.be/cMbSOz7Grbc


Cyclops was my main character from gears 2. I’m excited to reprise the roll.

Is this a new character or a skin for the “sniper”?

It’s a skin for the drone.

Yes I also hate this half ■■■ layout TC made for new characters.

Its pure laziness while capitalizing on an opportunity for two paywalls for a character.

Thanks for the info, i will pass then…

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Thank you for pointing this out . This is what i mean when I say its the little things that TC misses. That little attention to detail is everything. @TC_Octus

Wait until they start Chrome Steeling all of the individual character skins like the Cyclops/Bolter etc. (Instead of just the Drone)

Even more $$$ for them…

The illumination must have 500 of iron too