Wish for more skill card slots

Before OP 5 I may have agreed but after I welcome the idea of having a gate lol. Honestly if your not willing to take the time to learn a class or game mode then this game is not for you at all and if “extreme gatekeeping” drives those players away then so be it lol.

Also a no on more cards slots. Horde is easy enough already with 5 cards slots, level 6 caps and perks. The game is fine with that number.


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I have also thought about a system like this and would like it, problem is that it would almost certainly lead to some characters having an overpowered combination of skills and I put it beyond tc:s abilities to manage to balance it before Gears 5 is vaulted for Gears 6.

“Overpowered” is subjective. I guarantee that if Horde 4.0 existed exactly as it does now except with no cards at all, just perks, passives, and ultimates, and the card system was proposed, someone would think it would be overpowered.

Is that not what happened when they increased the card level cap from 5 to 6?

Yes, sure it’s subjective but still. Think back on JD at launch, everyone who had played at least a few horde matches agreed he was truly overpowered. Should TC at that point just have said Oh it’s just someone thinking he is overpowered or should they (as they did after a long time) actually have listened to a crushing majority that knew JD was overpowered? Saying overpowered is subjective, while true, is under those circumstances just sophistry.

Edit: reread your comment and it occured to me that I might have misunderstood your comment and you might have misunderstood mine. When I said overpowered I meant solely overpowered/unbalanced compared to other characters or skill combinations, not overpowered in relation to the challenge in horde.

In my point of view, it’s a big no for a 6th card slot.

It will drastically change most of the classes setups eventually resulting in Horde and Escape becoming even easier than it already is (sorry I’m that guy :grin:). There’s 8 difficulties in this game and in my eyes, the last one is supposed to be extremely difficult. Allowing a 6th card will most definitely lower that difficulty.

Yes some cards are reliant on other cards, they can however also be combined over multiple classes (especially looking at Stim). That’s just the nature of how they designed it and you’ll have to judge yourselves, which kind of cards work well together as well as with which classes combined.

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Rather than a 6th card slot, i would prefer the option to save a few preset card loadouts.

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So you want a card sloth as the 6th that only sometimes works and is lazy otherwise doing nothing?

Why would it be sometimes work ?? Most classes have many good skill cards that can be combined with as 6th card but you can not use it because of card limit

There’s a joke about the typo in your post.

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Hmm that was not my intention… =) just wanna say I want 6th card sloth =)

A 6th card slot is unecessary, NOT because it wouldn’t be an improvement, but because it is within TC’s ability to modify class passives and cards. The argument is putting together certain card combinations that just go together naturally and being useless anywhere else because it could take anywhere from 3-4 cards to do it. I get it. That is the true issue.

The “Goal” was interconnectivity and teamplay, but the reality…especially with public matches is you can’t count on anyone to combo up on purpose, in fact most people are certified glory seekers and actively screw each other over. I will give one example: As Nomad, I shoot a drone with concussive boltok in it’s stun phase I rush out of cover to go execute it, putting my life in jeopardy, but knowing I will be able to make it and start a fear chain and be effective. My D-bag teammates, snipe the drone just as I get to it because they saw a kill and took it, I go down, because I am out in the open, blood red with no backup plan and it all goes down hill from there. I could name more but you get it…I hope.

The Issue, to bring it back, is that certain combinations, like Kait Shotgunner has to pack her own bleeding card in addition to 2 shotgun damaging cards AND the Stim card. That’s 4 cards! That leaves no room to spec into another combination of cards. But keep in mind the goal was to have other classes like JD razor hail to start bleed and make it easier for Kait so she wouldn’t have to pack the card herself. TC needs to simplify card choice by combining certain cards into 1 and making sure 2 card combinations can make a set. This would allow 2 combos per loadout with an additional slot to empower one over the other OR run a much needed defensive card to make sustainability in higher difficulty a thing.

Also on an unrelated note…What the heII is up with Robotics Expert? Subpar sniper, Grenade Tagger, Base line fortifications…just what the heII do they expect you to be doing and why is so many of his cards just…meh. Thanks for reading. Please Reply.

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Damn shame that this collaboration between classes works only if players know each other…
I feel your pain as being a most timed Nomad… I have already gave up playing fear based because the experinces we lived like you wrote. Now as Nomad I choose to play a combination of demo and marksman classes how ? I rely on boomshot and sniper rifle…stun the target with boltok then shoot to head ( it needs some critical perk upgrades level 4 5 ) with boomshot…very quick and works very well on elite drones and snipers in incon.
Come on now, you aren’t prefer mechanic rather then robotic expert are you?? Its Baird’s class men he can do anything =)

In general I agree with this. It is such a massive pain on some classes when you absolutely have to run multiples just to get the maximum benefit. Inflitrator has at least 3 sets of paired cards (Bleed, Stim, Cloak). Brawler typically needs at least 2-3 tanky cards for CQC survivability (Damage Dash, Perk Up, and Inner Fire or Soothing Warmth), and THEN if you want the tackles to actually do decent damage Torch Tackle is a must as a 4th. Doesn’t leave much room for choice with the 5th.

Blademaster is particularly annoying regarding this, IMO. Why are Short Range Deflection and Mid Range Deflection 2 separate cards when you have Nomad Armor that does the same thing but better and with only ONE card? Then in Escape, the Venom build takes a lot of space too. Venom Blade, Vemon Resistance, Thrill of the Hunt. 3 slots! I much prefer playing Hivebuster classes in Horde because they all essentially get the Venom cards for FREE as perks, basically allowing 7 slots.

It would certainly be nice if there was more room a lot of times.

Having 6 cards equipped might take away the fun and experimentation in classes. It would also make the modes much easier.

Plus, a lot of people would just have the 6th card as a luxury, not as a must, it reduces the amount of decisions a player has.

I don’t know if it’s the right call. I think it would reduce the variety in gameplay and thus variation.

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Kinda, except compared to a full extra slot it is rather minor.(A bit depending on class because some 6th ranks were better than others)

Haven’t spent any time playing Robotics Expert, but from looking at the cards I’m guessing it’s meant to lean on the repairs from the headshot card. The fortifications won’t be as good as the Engineer’s, but Robotics Expert won’t have to spend as much time or power maintaining them.