Wish for more skill card slots

Five slots really doesn’t seem like enough cards for the new Horde mode. There’s a lot of cards I can’t imagine ever having room to equip, and a lot of cards that are dependant on having other cards equipped; for example, a card that gives you a bonus while you have stim, so you pretty much have to equip another card that will actually give you stim. That restricts build options. On top of that, some classes just have an absolute ton of cards, way more than any other class had in Horde 3.0. I think just one more slot unlocked at level 14 or so would make a huge difference.

To be clear, I think Horde 4.0 at this point is a major improvement over Horde 3.0. I love have there’s no literally essential class like the Scout was in 3.0, and it’s perfectly possible to win without an engineer class. It makes the whole thing much more enjoyable with randoms. Still, the card crunch is real; another slot would be a major improvement.


This is something I’ve silently begged for, for several OPs. I understand it would make some classes OP, so that could be mitigated by not allowing certain cards to be equipped together, or only certain color cards to be that 5th one…there’s a ton of different ways they could implement it.


Oooooor they could hide it behind 1.000.000 CXP. Maybe then people would stick to one class and actually learn how to play it.


The nutty people will say it’s OP

Orrrrr they just run the Clock exploit for 25-50 hours and still didn’t learn how to play it nor have adequately leveled skills because apparently the grind matters more than actually playing the game and learning how to do things.


Would be around 12-14 hours if done correctly (if you start with LV20). But I refuse to believe someone would be that stupid.

Considering how many lobbies in the browser were just Clock XP grinding running to the saferoom to repeat the act for half an hour or however long it took to reach the cap - I wouldn’t be able to stand that braindead method for more than 10 minutes - I wouldn’t put it past some people to do that instead of actually playing. More so considering there’s people who basically only spent their time only grinding for a month or longer or would idle in matches to reach Reup 50 much faster.


I feel like perks in horde were created as a band-aid due to limitations of the five card setup. They could have been removed by simply creating more cards, and upping the card limit to seven in horde, while keeping it at five for Escape. You probably only need two perks in horde, right? If there’s some reason a certain perk/card would’ve broken Escape, then make those cards Horde-only (or maybe that’s too complicated?). It would remove a major source of frustration: people perking up and messing with the Engineer. Also, what’s the point in making classes underpowered in the first few waves until they perk up? It seems like an arbitrary thing. Then again, I’m a horde noob, so what do I know?

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How about card scrapping first before they decided to give more card slots.


I don’t think this way at all. Perks let classes always have access to bonuses they should have, regardless of their card loadout. For example, a Marksman will always be able to do more damage on headshots, even if they didn’t bring the card for that. In Horde 3.0, on the other hand, if a Sniper skipped the Headshot damage card they’d be a useless teammate the whole game. I just think they went too far with the flexibility perks allow in your card loadout, and added too many niche purpose cards.

Nah! They need to restrict the player from building fortifications if they are not engineers or robotic experts :rofl::rofl::rofl:
It’s annoying having +50 sentries on a map, makes the game boring :sleeping: having one engineer is more than enough.

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I don’t really see a benefit to locking it behind an enormous grind. Even having some classes have to wait until 18 or 19 to get skill cards already feels excessive. But maybe some kind of unlock system outside the normal class leveling scheme could be interesting, like if every class had its own mini Tour of Duty category like the old character unlock totems. For example, you could unlock a 6th slot for the Brawler class by taking X damage to your stim gained from tackles, dealing X damage with burning, etc.

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There would have to be some kind of gatekeeping with how game and balance-breaking it would be. I mean, it’s never gonna happen either way but it should be a reward for players who actually spent time gitting gud with a class, not be given out like free candy,
A good way would be to seperate the 6th Horde/Escape slot and unlock it after the player completed every Hordemap/Hive at least 3 times on Master.

That kind of extreme gatekeeping is just gonna drive players away. That’s exactly what it did to me when Gears 5 launched and I discovered I stood absolutely no chance at leveling up my epic and legendary skills unless I grinded for literal days at difficulties that were absolutely no fun to play on. It was only by pure chance I got curious and logged in to check operation 5 and found out that it was actually playable now.

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Or simply put certain lvl 10 perks as passives or make some tweaks for some of the cards. Actually horde is easy and some don’t need a 6th slot. I really don’t need It, just select the right cards for a specific game style for example planting 7 grenades and see how they explode or using only boomshot or Lancer GL
I play on Master btw and almost all lvl 6 cards and all lvl 20 classes, knowing the best card combos for each class helps a lot and most importantly those cards than can help the team like good kill.

That’d make it all too easy.

GIT GUD, asking for more card slots, people really wanna make Horde easier than Coalition made it

One idea I had, was for PVE modes to have a more RPG-esque system which incorporates a points system. It may still lead to exploits though.

The best way to explain it is in relation to the current system - we can equip up to 5 skill cards up to level 6 - so this constitutes 30 individual levels, or points.

This idea enables players to equip any combination of cards up to 30 individual levels, but they are capped at up to 30 levels.

So hypothetically I could for example, opt for this combination for say, the Tactician (Keegan):

Shredder - level 6
Resupply Amplifier - level 4
Resupply Duration - level 4
Resupply Healing Module - level 6
Interrogation - level 6
Cooperation - level 4

So the above combination of cards, I have equipped 6 different cards, but some are on lower levels, but they only amount to a maximum of 30 levels.

Equally I could opt for equipping more skill cards, but I would have to compensate for this by having lower level skills which would be be capped at 30.

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Well increasing player power without increasing the available difficulty.
Yeah kinda op actually,(Mind you wouldn’t be for me but there is much better people)
If it would come with another difficulty level then yea maybe…

Good idea but would be a really complicated UI to implement. Probably too much work to accomplish. Edit: actually Fallout 76 has something like this, lol. So it is possible but TC aren’t exactly RPG experts.

Fallout 76 perk card system

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