Wired connection latency issues

Morning Gearheads
Can I please ask you to let me know what if any Latency you are experiencing on a wired connection.
My reason for this is that although I play on a wired (virgin media uk) connection, I have a latency of 25-35ms on any given day, even when it is only me online and the missus on her ipad watching YT. I appreciate once my kids also get in there, it might impact it negatively.

On pvp ranked, I constantly get the lag symbol up and seem to suffer delays in shooting.

Thank you.
Locust Forever.

As in the packet loss symbol? (overlapping squres) or do you mean the wifi bar one? (That shows ping over 140 odd usually)

Both have a lighning bolt if it gets really poor

Morning Ghost
The overlapping one :+1:

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That means the connection is unstable (and often some data being transmitted to the server is being lost).

Can I do anything to mitigate this ?

Will it have a negative effect on my game ?

Yes, but without knowing what is causing the issue it could be a lot of things between your xbox and getting to your local azure server, may not be anything in your house specifically causing it. It may end up you spending some time and effort trying to troubleshoot when the issue isn’t at your end.

That being said my first two questions

Have you done any port forwarding or put your xbox in a DMZ?

Do you ever reset your router? (leaving it off for a half hour then turning back on)

You could also try contacting your ISP and asking them to check for any issues, but I know here in Australia they tend to be utterly useless unless you can give them extremely detailed information and a ton of documentation. I am not sure how much better your mileage would be.

An ISP at a previous address used a practice where they sublet out IP addresses to save costs, and that caused problems with gaming and that was the one time a simple call actually made a major difference where they opted me out of that.

Not that I can think of, the times I have had issues and gotten my ISP to fix it (or get a contractor out) have only resulted in improvements.

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I had this issue a lot around Operation 4. For some reason my router reset to the factory settings, on it’s own. Don’t ask me how. It was Vodafone who are terrible.

Regardless, I set it up again and all seemed fine. It wasn’t flawless but at least I knew it was mostly on the server’s end from that point onwards.

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That sounds incredibly annoying.

Exactly, fixed whatever issues would have presented from your end and only left what you couldn’t personally fix or control.

My previous house had tons of issues which the ISP eventually fixed most of, but was still in a rural location and had a kilometre of old copper cable to the house from the node.

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I remember experiences with this :joy:

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When you couldn’t get down the stairs we were on dedicated servers, my internet should have had no bearing other than my being the party host connecting you to the closest Australian one.

That being said my constant packet loss at the time may have caused instability, that knowledge is beyond my scope.

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Pull the wire out and swing it over your head while you scream down the road.


This seems the only solution, I assume, while naked :ok_hand::+1:

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Eh…nobody should ever see anyone from England naked :slight_smile:

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Catch yourself on :wink:

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Precisely. 200+ Ping pressing RT and hoping my Gnasher shells load before the casual Bot is on the other side of the map, or the crazy Kangaroo ends the match in record time.

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I would try using a gaming router.

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A gaming router is the way to go. Those virgin media. Super hub 3’s are rubbish. Set that to modem mode and get a decent router. I’ve got a Nighthawk and it’s been giving me a steady connection for over 3 years. Also port forward your Xbox and set up a static IP address for it. It’s pretty straight forward to do and there’s lots of help on the internet showing you how to do it.


ping Google servers and check for packet loss.

if the results come back with 0% loss after you test then it’s a problem outside your control and points to a MS/Azure issue.

here’s a quote just for you @Mark36111 :smile:

The results prove that wireless networks are highly vulnerable to factors that hurt packets traveling through the air such as RF interference, signal coverage, or weak signals.


It could well be a virgin media issue. My brother had major ping issues while speed was never a problem. Virgin basically said "are you getting the advertised speed? If so, tough luck!)

He went to bt internet and it’s so much better quality. No lag or ping issues.

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I’m gonna blame the fact he is in England. Reason enough